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June 25, 2024

Thornton Twp Supervisor Tiffany Henyard Threatened FOX-32; Published Letter –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 7, 2023

Thornton Twp. (ECWd) –

After the scathing and truthful reports on Thornton Township Supervisor and Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard last week, Henyard sent FOX-32 a letter in which she threatened to make certain information public in reference to a FOX-32 reporter.

Her threats apparently carry no water outside Thornton Township and the Village of Dolton.

It the letter, she complains about a custody battle she is going through with her daughter, and then accuses FOX-32 of:

  • conflict of interest (this one made us laugh as Henyard is a walking conflict of interest as a public official)
  • continuous racial and misogynistic targeted coverage of Henyard, Dolton, and Thornton Township
  • engaging in a malicious smear campaign against me (Henyard) (she earned this coverage by her own actions)
  • print, cover, and producing false and defamatory accusations towards her and members of her staff in a blatantly erroneous manner
  • subjecting FOX-32 and other media sources to liability
  • violating ethics standards of FOX-32 (this one made us laugh…Henyard talking about ethics)

We have watched and reviewed the recent articles from FOX-32 and others regarding Henyard’s antics, and have found nothing that was racist, misogynistic, malicious, smear campaign, false, defamatory, or creating a liability with other media sources. the past recent articles from FOX32 (here and here), the Chicago Tribune (here, here, and here), the Lansing Journal (here), and the BGA’s Illinois Answers Project (here).

In fact, we were the first to report on Henyard and the alleged illegal donations Thornton Township gave to Henyard’s newly formed “nonprofit”, her illegal use of police license plates on illegal township police vehicles causing the Sec of State Police to confiscate the license plates, electioneering with Judge D. Reene Jackson, alleged civil rights violations, unauthorized million dollars “security” detail, Good Burger’s unsanitary conditions at South Suburban College, Henyard’s failure to pay rent and commissions to the college for 4 years and then bounced a check when she finally wrote it, and Trustee having to hold meetings in the parking lot because Henyard threatened to charge them with trespass at the Village, and more…we are just getting started.

We will address, in a later article, the “Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Reporting” – which has absolutely nothing to do with “how” public funds are spent or even if they are misspent or stolen, but rather how public funds are “reported” on the annual financial reports.


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