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May 23, 2024

ISBE: District 95 Food Service Account’s Unallowed Expenditures and Salaries –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 14, 2023

Paris, Ill. (ECWd) –

The ISBE has provided the following breakdown or its audit findings of District 95’s Food Service Account and specifically identified unallowed expenditures and salaries:

  • Unallowed Salaries includes a total of $113,840.00 for the following: principal, custodian, maintenance, business manager, admin assistant, technology, and curriculum director.
  • Unallowed Expenditures include 82 transactions totaling more than $1.532 million and can be seen in detail in the below report.

We would like to remind our readers that this report of findings is simply a way for the state and federal government to ensure those grant monies are properly spent and spent according to the grant assurances. Questioned and Unallowed expenses are typically repaid to the account they were taken from and should not be considered as “stolen” or otherwise taken from the taxpayers or used personally.

There was no indication in the findings that any monies were missing, just that the auditor disallowed the specific expenses as not in compliance with the grant assurances, and, therefore, must be repaid.

Paris FY 21 Audit Findings - Nutrition


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1 Comment
  • Daniel Sleezer
    Posted at 19:31h, 14 June

    How long have these people been in this job? Don’t they know what “accounts” to use for salaries and food service? I know you qualified your post, but something is amiss here,