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June 18, 2024

Shelby County – Convicted Pedophile To Face Another Jury Trial –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 7, 2023

Shelby Co., Ill. (ECWd) –

Steven A. Cobb, a convicted pedophile now serving 5 years in the Department of Corrections related to his arrest and prosecution in Coles County also faces a Class X felony charge for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child in Shelby County.

Contrary to the misinformation being insinuated in the form of a question on social media by former County Board member candidate Chris Boehm, it is clear pedophiles and meth dealers are being prosecuted.

“So, he can prosecute members of the community that have spoken out against the ECWD but not pedophiles and meth dealers?”

The above comment comes on the heels of this article regarding charges being filed for forgery against Kathleen Agney. Other than knowing this woman is the spouse of Troy Agney, former Fire Chief of the department to which his wife’s alleged forgery is connected to, we have no knowledge of her ever speaking out against us, as if that matters.  The insinuation is made in what appears to be an attempt to imply her being charged is somehow only taking place because of us.

“I think some folks were concerned that the board appointed the personal lawyer for the Watchdogs to persecute political enemies, and the optics on this do nothing to assuage those concerns.”

The above statement by Boehm has no basis in truth and attacks the integrity of not only the County Board members but the Office of State’s Attorney and the Sheriff’s office which investigated the matter at length and provided the necessary information to the State’s Attorney.  Considering it was the fire district trustees who raised the flag on the matter back in 2019, long before the current SA was appointed, his narrative bucket is full of holes. We have no knowledge of Kathleen Agney’s political affiliation, nor does it matter because her being charged has nothing to do with politics or us, contrary to Boehm’s insinuation.  We had no knowledge she was even being investigated.  Had we known we would have included her name in our request for information to the Sheriff’s office in August of 2022, which was long before there was even a vacancy in the office of SA.

The most disturbing part of his comment is the insinuation that pedophiles and meth dealers are not being prosecuted. Such a statement followed with a question mark, is a way to get people riled up on a false narrative, known as gaslighting.  This can be seen within the same social media post where former Board Member Robert Simpson chimes in with his insinuations of criminals being let loose.

“also with the previous SA and ASA there were criminals going to prison no charges being dropped letting criminals loose to terrorize citizens more or selling drugs and etc”
We have confirmed there have been no known pedophiles or meth dealers not getting prosecuted that can be prosecuted, nor are criminals being let loose to terrorize citizens more or sell drugs.  In fact, our inquiry after reading the above false allegations is what generated the information on the pedophile that is set to go to a jury trial in September. Had the above gaslighters actually picked up the phone they could have quickly found the truth, however, it does not appear they have an actual interest in the truth.

An arrest warrant for Steven A. Cobb was issued on March 18, 2020. His case has been moving slowly through the courts as he was also facing similar charges in Coles County.  Now that he has been convicted and sentenced to DOC for his crimes in Coles County, he will now have his day in court in Shelby County. The history of his case can be viewed on Judici at this link.

  • Pre-trial is set for 07/07/2023 at 10:00 in courtroom A
  • The final pre-trial is set for 08/30/2023 at 1:15 in courtroom A
  • The jury trial is set for 09/11/2023 at 8:30 in courtroom A.

The above comments by Boehm and Simpson are located on the social media page of a person convicted of Domestic Battery.  If Boehm, Simpson, or others have any actual facts that pedophiles, meth dealers, and criminals are not being prosecuted we urge them to send us the information with supporting facts for publication.





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