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June 23, 2024

Madison County Treasurer Entered Supervisor’s Briefcase; Resigned as SIUE Police Officer –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 9, 2022

Madison Co., IL. (ECWd) –

***Updated by ECWd to correct context; this is information dealing with a pending lawsuit filed against SEIU***


Newly uncovered public documents from a 2002 SIUE inquest detail admission by Chris Slusser of entry into a supervisor’s belongings as reported in police panel transcript. Senior police officers call out Slusser for “incredible credibility problem” and state “we do not believe you are being truthful.”

EDWARDSVILLE – The lawsuit filed by Robert E. Dorman against the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville asks for the audio recording of the March 2002 disciplinary hearing of former SIUE police officer Chris Slusser, who is the current Madison County Treasurer.

Dorman provided exhibits to the court of Slusser’s disciplinary hearing including a typed transcript of the police inquest into Slusser’s entry into his supervisor’s briefcase.

According to the transcript, Slusser, without the owner’s knowledge, opened the briefcase of his superior, opened his personal mail, read, and copied it. Slusser admits to taking the personal mail and distributing it widely among police circles, with the mail finally ending up in the hands of the SIUE vice chancellor’s office.

Dorman received these public documents from a freedom of information request to the SIUE after being told by a former senior SIUE police officer who told him that Slusser was “…forced to resign or have charges of burglary filed against him.”

Chris Slusser was elected to the Madison County Board in 2008 just six years after resigning as an SIUE cop and the public was never informed of his dubious past.

The former disgraced cop spent several years on the county board rising to become the Madison County Republican Party Chairman, without any mention of his fall from the SIUE police department.

In 2016, Madison County Chairman Kurt Prenzler appointed Chris Slusser to be Madison County Treasurer and Slusser had told everyone that he left SIUE police force to start a new career in financial services.

Those familiar with Slusser’s appointment to county treasurer know Kurt Prenzler and county board members reviewed Slusser’s work history and he was asked detailed questions about his past. The treasurer requires a person with high integrity since they collect around $500 million in county property taxes and have the financial information of almost every landowner in Madison County.

Dorman was the former Madison County IT Director that was accused of wrongdoing by Chris Slusser. Both he and former County Administrator Doug Hulme faced a multiyear investigation based on claims made by Chris Slusser that were found to be false.

“Chris Slusser has lied about me, lied to the public and it would be in everyone’s best interest if Slusser resigned immediately,” Dorman said. “I have worked for some of the top corporations in America and if he can’t be trusted to be a cop how can he be county treasurer?”

Hulme ran against Slusser in the 2022 Republican primary in which Sheriff Jeff Connor and State’s Attorney Tom Haine endorsed Chris Slusser.

“I find it very hard to believe that the top law enforcement officials in Madison County endorsed a disgraced cop for public office who should have been charged with a crime,” Hulme said. “My dad served over twenty years as an Illinois State Police officer, and it makes me sick to even think of all of Slusser’s lies and that the guy couldn’t even make it as an honest cop.”


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  • Nick Cohan
    Posted at 22:16h, 09 December Reply

    Wow and he wore a wire to get corruption on Kurt Prenzler and Mr Hulme and Rob Dorman, he is a disgrace its too bad this was not made public when he was running for Treasurer but he had no opponet either
    Slusser should resign or be inpeached

    Posted at 23:55h, 09 December Reply

    This Chris Slusser was a campus cop who stole his supervisor’s stuff in his briefcase and then somehow gets elected and wore a wire against the Chairman of Madison County?

    • Nick Cohan
      Posted at 09:18h, 10 December Reply

      Another Of Kurt Prenzler’s pick of bad employees PICKS?

      I just read the article of Madison County Treasurer Chris Slusser getting fired as a SIUE Police officer for Burglary.
      Let’s look at the pattern of Kurt’s Appointments.
      1. Kurt appointed Slusser to Treasurer with approval of Madison County board
      2. Slosser wins election endorsed by Republican party
      3. Slosser wears a wire to find illegal activity by Kurt, Rob Dorman and Doug Hulme– Rob and Doug get terminated by the county Board
      4. Illinois Attorney General investigate Rob and Doug found them “INNOCENT” of ANY WRONG DOING” but the Madison County Board terminates them anyway and Law suits are Kurts’s fault
      5. Slusser is in charge of Millions of our tax dollars and now we see he was and ex Police officer fired for Burglary
      6. Slusser needs an investigation, Madison County Board members need to approve an audit IMMEDIATELY” of the Treasures dept
      7. Slosser needs to be relieved of his duties and banned from his office till these accusations are investigated
      8. the county Board needs to take action now and “appoint an acting Treasurer Pro Tem” like they did to Kurt when the Madison County Board members fired two employees and triggered Law suits against Madison County for mistakenly terminating both of them
      I see the pattern of Kurt’s bad appointments he hires Chris Slosser a fired police officer (who we now know was fired for Burglary) to be acting Treasurer with the approval of the Madison County Board ,Madison County Board Members fire Doug and Rob when the Attorney General of Illinois found no wrong doing by either one of them
      My question is will the Madison county Board act to protect Madison county and our tax dollars till an investigation is conducted of Treasurer Slusser?

      • Iffer
        Posted at 12:19h, 13 December Reply

        Wait, Chris Slusser got voted in so that wouldn’t be Kurt’s fault right? Isn’t it we the peoples?

        • Nick Cohan
          Posted at 16:56h, 13 December Reply

          Yep he got voted in but when he gave his resume and background to the paper he didnt disclose his past corruption as a firred Police Officer.


          But we the people now want an investigation and an audit of the treasurers office since he has a shady past as a police officer, no it not Kurts fault the punch line is it not Kurts fault, I hope you can read between the lines

          My question to you is do you trust a failed Police officer that was accused of what he was fired for to look out for millions of our tax dollars now that he is exposed !!!

          Be Blessed and Pray for Madison County

  • Rick Perry
    Posted at 20:25h, 10 December Reply


    • Nick Cohan
      Posted at 22:31h, 10 December Reply

      OPPS is right the Madison County board m embers need to investigate this now along with the states attorney since it has been bought to their attention.

      Be blessed and Pray HARD AND QUICKLY FOR AMERICA!!!

  • SImonSays
    Posted at 11:21h, 12 December Reply

    Treasurer Slusser, has been the “Schemer in Chief” in political matters in Madison County; and he has the enjoyed the guidance
    from others that have proclaimed themselves wiser than the voters. This randy bunch that hang with Slusser are low on intelligence but excel at
    peddling lies as if they were the truth. For voters who don’t care for disingenuous people holding high office of public trust, it is now time to determine if
    treasurer Slusser should be ushered out of Office. Mr. Slusser should provide a public statement explaining facts developed via his termination of
    employment by SIUE. The Treasurer’s employment can be terminated, for cause, by the County Board. However, County Board’s
    In the past have not been known for their courage, adherence to legal process, or ability to assimilate vital information. Mr. Slusser is entitled to
    be heard in regard to recent revelations about his previous employment record. Voters, likewise, are entitled to know immediately if he
    should continue to hold the Office of Treasurer.

  • MadCo
    Posted at 12:29h, 12 December Reply

    Nick Cohan: you have to be one of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen post a comment. I thought your post was satire at first. Then, as I continued to read it, it appears that your post is serious. LOL. The guy committed no crimes, was never investigated for any crime or accused of any crime, and it was more than 20 years ago. What is there for anyone to “investigate”? I’m assuming you must be either Rob Dorman or Doug Hulme posting under a fake name.

    • Nick Cohan
      Posted at 15:12h, 12 December Reply

      LOL I thought you were a comedian wannabe stating I am the dumbest person you have ever seen posting a comment, how can you see me posting are you Ms. Cleo

      Opening others mail and making copies and distributing it for everyone to see is disturbing to say the least, but opening mail that is sealed and ready to mail is a crime the way he did it –if that was your mail and happned to you I am sure you might think differently or get a laugh out of it, I am sure you would not think it was funny but who knows since you have special powers and can see who is posting

      You claim I am Rob or Doug but since you state I am the dumbest person you have ever seen posting you should know who I am since you state you case so well who I am.

      Ok I have to guess you must be Chris Slusser but I can not see you like you claim you can see me posting

      Be Blessed whoever you are

      Posted at 15:17h, 12 December Reply

      Chris Slusser was certainly investigated and you need to read the transcript of the table full of senior police officers accuse Slusser of multiple crimes and he admitted to them in the transcripts. Clearly they didn’t charge him cause Slusser was forced to hand in his badge and gun. You know the union would never have allowed Slusser to do that if he wasn’t 100% guilty. Madco you need to read the facts.

  • Douglas Dial
    Posted at 15:17h, 12 December Reply

    Disappointing that ECW would copy and paste a salacious, pearl clutching press release, without making an attempt at contact with the subject about the matter.

    So many errors in that PR, it’s ridiculous.
    I’m surprised there wasn’t an RSVP to the hanging, included.

    Don’t take that PR hit job as fact and run with it because you need new “content” for your site/page.
    Ask questions.
    Get facts.

    Do better.

    • Nick Cohan
      Posted at 17:25h, 12 December Reply

      Who said they didnt have facts tell us here what isnt correct its an open forum I am curious what you think isnt a fact!

    • Clutching Truthful Pearls
      Posted at 18:01h, 12 December Reply

      Does Mr. Dial agree with Slusser’s actions? I read the transcript and it is clear he admitted to conduct that would get any employee fired, much less a cop. Dial must be just another leftist that doesn’t believe in personal responsibility. That being said the public deserves to know Slusser’s background if he is in public office and clearly hid an important fact from voters. Just another lying politician.

  • Thrasher
    Posted at 16:32h, 12 December Reply

    re :MADCO Mr. Cohen is real and real outspoken. It is apparent it was a major investigation involving multiple police departments including East Saint louis and Edwardsville and was handled by the Chief himself. The transcript preamble even says something to the effect of you are not being charged yet. It’s obvious he was told to resign or he would be charged. I agree with Mr. Cohen, if he lied on his application for appointment he should be fired by the county board just like SIMONSAYS.

  • SImonSays
    Posted at 16:06h, 28 December Reply

    Here are some simple facts. Mr. Slusser neither admitted or denied the allegations surrounding his departure from the SIUE
    police department. As the Treasurer of Madison County, one would surmise he has an obligation to explain the allegation made against
    him. Did Mr. Slusser ever fill out an application for his employment file; or, a statement of economic interest to be filed with the
    County Clerk’s Office. If Slusser continues to take the 5th Amendment should the County Board intervene? How about the State’s
    Attorney reaching out for an explanation? What recourse does a private citizen have to find out the simple facts about people
    of trust holding high office within Madison County? For those who cherish the truth, hold on just a little bit longer.

    • Nick Cohan
      Posted at 19:53h, 28 December Reply

      Well I am not sure who knew what about Slussor, but he owes us an explanation as voters after the fact and I believe that the States Attorney should ask the County Board to do an audit of the treasurers office since we know know he has a questionable past.

      The press did a bio of him and he supposedly gave them the information but it was never addressed in his press bio or the press release someone was dishonest but I am sure the next election it will be headlines if he runs again.

      Slussor was endorsed by many candidates as being honest and trustworthy I remember Amy Elik supported him and bragged on him fighting corruption in the county by getting two employees fired and now it seems like they were fired unjustly for political reasons and Slussor hands were involved by wearing a wire to get dirt on the chairman and the two employees that were fired

      Slussor failed to mention his questionable past and Amy Elik should take back her endorsement and call for an investigation of him as treasurer since she says she is against corruption– I like your parting words For those who cherish the truth, hold on just a little bit longer.!!!!!

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