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July 24, 2024

Whitmore Township Road District’s Repeated IEPA Violations/Alleged Private Use of Public Resources –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 1, 2022


Several months ago, we received allegations the Whitmore Township Road Commissioner was permitting people to use road district property to burn household items, construction materials, and basically anything else they felt like burning. We asked the tipster to take photos and videos for us to use.

Additionally, he alleged the road district permits a private company to use its equipment and property for personal use. Such as the road district’s dump truck to haul construction waste and permitting it to be dumped on public property.

Finally, an allegation of road district property mowing grass on private property.

Repeated EPA violations/alleged private use of public resources at Whitmore Township Road District; When questioned, the Road Commissioner claimed the “Sgt. Schultz defense” on hot mic: “I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing.”

According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, it is never permissible to burn (emphasis added):

    • Open burning of waste by a business is illegal (except for landscape waste generated to maintain the property and agricultural waste generated on the property under limited circumstances).

      • Examples of waste that can never be burned: commercial waste, garbage (i.e., food, food scraps, food packaging, and diapers), construction/demolition debris, tires, and materials containing asbestos.

    • Open burning of garbage, construction/demolition debris, tires, and materials containing asbestos is always prohibited.

Below are photographs taken of the burn pile on Whitmore Township Road District property and photos of the dump truck being used on private property.

You can clearly see construction debris, a mattress, tarp, and other items in the pile and being burned.


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