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June 17, 2024

Thornton Twp Supervisor Henyard and Judge D. Renee Jackson Electioneering On Township’s Dime –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 4, 2022

Thornton Twp., IL. (ECWd) –

The evening of November 3, 2022, after making attendees wait for more than 90 minutes past the advertised start time, Thorton Township Supervisor finally appeared at a scheduled Township event: Township Talk with Supervisor Tiffany Henyard.

This was a Township event, paid for by the township. Henyard even gave away food boxes from the Township Food Pantry to all who attended. Now we know what she meant when she was recorded saying “These are Tiffany Henyard events, all I have to do is mention the township [or village] and they will pay for it.” She is wrong.

Last night’s event was no different, residents were forced to listen to her talk about “her” nonprofit, the Tiffany Henyard CARES Foundation, the same one where Henyard voted for the township to gift it $10,000, just days prior to the walk to Springfield – those Township Trustees should carefully consider each item Henyard places on the agenda, and vote “NO” when these and other things are called for a vote. Trustees who vote to violate the law have no protection from prosecution, but those who vote “NO” will be in a much better place when the investigators come knocking.

In the video below, Judge D. Renee Jackson talked about her history, then urged people to vote “Yes” for all 60 Judges on the ballot, and to vote “Yes” for her retention (punch #299). This, in our opinion, is illegal electioneering using public resources at a Township event. See the 15:28 mark in the below video.

After Judge Jackson urged people to vote for her, Supervisor Tiffany Henyard told those in attendance to vote for Judge Jackson – this is also, in our opinion, illegal electioneering using public resources at a Township event. See the 18:13 mark in the below video.

Furthering their electioneering activities, the event video was placed on the Thornton Township Facebook page – which constitutes more electioneering using Township resources.

At the end, “the Township” gave away some $25 gift cards, a television, and then the food baskets.

We urge Township residents to file an electioneering complaint with the Illinois State Board of Elections, and an Ethics Complaint with the Township.

We also urge any Township resident to file an electioneering complaint with the Judicial Inquiry Board.

This is wholly unacceptable.

Video below. We shortened it take some things out of it.


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  • Steve verr
    Posted at 14:43h, 16 November Reply

    Why can’t the watchdogs file a complaint with JIB?

    Seems like a slam dunk for a censure or more.

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