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June 13, 2024

“Ghost Gun” Law Passes While AG Fails To Prosecute County Sheriff’s Illegally Selling Guns –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 15, 2022


A new gun law passed both houses with great fanfare (House Bill 4383 Senate Floor Amendment 2) touting that it will help keep illegal guns off the streets and cut down on crime by banning the possession and sale of “ghost guns.”

While at the same time, the Attorney General’s office fails to prosecute the illegal sales of guns by County Sheriffs across the state of Illinois. Not only AG Raoul, but also AG Madigan under her tenure as AG.

If only the AG would concentrate on the illegal sales of firearms by those elected public officials sworn to uphold the law, instead of lobbying to make currently legal firearms illegal, the public might have a little bit more respect for his office.

We have brought this to the forefront for years, and nothing has been done to stop it, nor to prosecute the offenders. State Representative Halbrook even sponsored a Bill to make such sales by County Sheriff’s legal, but it was never called for a vote in the Senate, thanks to then-Senator and now Attorney General Raoul.

Not only has the AG declined to prosecute (so far), we had to sue them for public records related to illegal guns sales out of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, under the former Sheriff.

The Shelby County illegal gun sales allegations come from public records showing the former Sheriff took seized firearms to a firearms dealer and placed a low-ball price on them for his deputies to purchase, which is also a violation of law as sheriff employees are not permitted to participate in any such sale.

More of the same also came out of Coles County and Edgar County (this one involved a Sheriff’s sale of firearms, to a deputy, one with its serial number filed off) in years past.





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  • Homer
    Posted at 09:23h, 17 April Reply

    One thing I’ve always wondered did either one of you watchdogs physically see the Edgar county gun with serial numbers filed off

    • John Kraft
      Posted at 10:48h, 17 April Reply

      No, but we have a copy of the inventory list and sales receipt from the Sheriff’s Dept., and it was clearly written on the inventory list and on the receipt when it was purchased by a deputy. The inventory lists and receipt were obtained thru FOIA back in 2012.

      • Homer
        Posted at 12:36h, 17 April Reply

        I remember now that was brought out just before the sheriffs election which probably helped get mr ed elected and the end result in my opinion was mr ed was the worst Sheriff Edgar county had seen in along time and the votes in the next election spoke for themselves

        • John Kraft
          Posted at 17:43h, 17 April Reply

          Had nothing to do with Mr. Ed Motley, did not “come out just prior to the election”, and you are entitled to your opinion of his job performance. We have our own opinion.

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