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May 21, 2024

Shelby County – “Not One Problem Has Been Solved Since We Have Been Here”

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On February 11, 2022

Shelby County (ECWd)

The Shelby County Board held their regular meeting last night and once again showed the public why Shelby County is in the mess it is in.

Kayla Garman, an employee of the State’s Attorney’s office made some interesting comments that should not only trouble the citizens of Shelby County but should also point to the need for her to brush up on the facts.

According to the employee, there has not been one problem solved since the State’s Attorney has been in office.  That is quite a statement.

If you’re a citizen requesting records as permitted in the law, it’s judged as “stupid stuff”, as if she has any clue what the reason for a person’s FOIA request is.

While she complains about having to comply with the law I would suggest she read the actual law to learn its true intent, which clearly she has missed the mark on.

“The General Assembly declares that providing records in compliance with the requirements of this Act is a primary duty of public bodies to the people of this State, and this Act should be construed to this end, fiscal obligations notwithstanding.”

We wonder what part of, “primary duty of public bodies” she does not understand?

Stay tuned for future articles to further disprove her belief that citizens’ FOIA’s are for stupid stuff.




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1 Comment
  • Joanne Schaeffer
    Posted at 12:14h, 11 February

    And the law says they must respond to FOIA’s!!!!!!