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June 15, 2024

Judge: Woman Not Guilty Of Criminal Trespass For Attending Wheeling Village Meeting –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 17, 2021

Wheeling, IL. (ECWd) –

Earlier this year, the Wheeling Village Council advertised a “virtual” public meeting, but Deborah Wilson attended in person anyway because, according to her, she had some charts to show the council during public comment that could not be accomplished over the phone.

The Village of Wheeling charged her with criminal trespass to a public building and interrupting a public meeting.

Today the Judge found her Not Guilty.

The Judge based her ruling on whether or not anyone ever told her to leave the building.

Finding that since no person asked her to leave the building until a police officer asked her to exit, which she promptly did without argument, she was Not Guilty of criminal trespass, and the meeting was not interrupted enough, in light of the village’s own technical problems connecting remote board members to constitute interrupting a public meeting.

Case closed.

Wheeling has had a long and adversarial attitude towards Wilson and others in its recent past – read about it HERE.



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  • bbbb A.I. is evil
    Posted at 04:14h, 25 November Reply

    Hi everyone!!Grew up in Wheeling during ’70’s-80’s and stayed in IL til 1996.Went west and then returned in the 2004-05 time period. Minor Fiefdom would be the best description of the govt. And police while growing up and more recently.Mason lodge by donut shop on Dundee Road.Do the math!Actually talked to Debra across from Walmart during 2018?She was holding a protest sign,I think trying to get support for recall of Horcher.I was curious and had done minor political work out west,so I asked about her issues.I gave her some suggestions as to how to garner more suppirt quicker,told her to keep up the good work!This type of activity is whats been missing by and large in this nation as most people CEDED POWER TO SCHOOLBOARDS,LIBRARYBOARDS,LOCAL,STATE,AND FEDERAL GOVT.S and this is WHY WE FACE A CURRENT BOLSHEVIK CHALLENGE.Ignorance and Apathy Never =Democracy.Govt. Sunshine Act,The Logan Act,Foia,open meetings,False Claims Laws,RICO infractions,embezxlement,fraud,broken verbal contracts to represent THE LOCAL U.S. CITIZENS AND CONSTITUTION,NOT THE U.N.,SOROS,GATES,OR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.U.S. Constitution Article 18:code241:Constitutional Conspiracy to deprive CITIZENS OF THEIR RIGHTS AND PRIVILAGES BY TWO OR MORE ENTITIES-like fraudulently declaring a Pandemic,manipulating ALL THE DATA,lying to the Citizens,Routinely,TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS TO WORSHIP FRERLY,ASSOCIATE WITH OTHERS FREELY,RETAIN BODY AND MIND SOVEREIGNTY AND REMAIN SAFE IN OUR PERSONS,HOMES,AND EFFECTS!! PURSUIT OF LIFE,LUBERTY,HAPPINESS,ABILITY TO BREATHE NORMALLY.ALL IS ILLEGAL AND INHUMANE.When do humans Wake Up to their true nature and stand in unity against the oppressors?

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