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June 19, 2024

Illinois Auditor General SBE Complaint Dismissed

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 17, 2021

Illinois (ECWd) –

We broke the story on Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino’s illegal campaign expenditures back in January of 2016 with this article.  Almost 6 years later, even after the Illinois Supreme Court confirmed Mautino’s campaign violated the state election law, the State Board of Elections voted unanimously to dismiss the complaint.  The reason is beyond shocking and another example as to why Illinois is arguably the most corrupt state in the country.

Mautino’s attorney successfully argued that Mautino’s campaign committee didn’t “knowingly”, violate the law.

If Mautino didn’t “know” he was violating the law, why on earth did he invoke his 5th amendment right?  It appears, on one hand, he claims ignorance but on the other, he knew his actions were potentially criminal.  That being the case, the claim the campaign did not “knowingly” violate the law appears disingenuous at best.

As if that is not bad enough, Illinois is known for changing laws when they are broken by key officials.  NPR Illinois reported on how the laws were changed, basically making Mautino’s actions perfectly legal moving forward.

“In the intervening months, however, Democrats who control the General Assembly have made adjustments to the state’s elections code, allowing for campaign spending on vehicles not owned or leased by the campaign committee, so long as those expenditures are related “to the use of the vehicle for primarily campaign purposes” or governmental duties. That change explicitly legalizes Mautino’s style of campaign spending on fuel and repairs to his and others’ personal vehicles.” (emphasis added)

There have been numerous calls for Maution’s resignation and even though there are house resolutions calling for that to happen, neither former Speaker Madigan nor current Speaker Welch has allowed the resolution to be called for a vote.  We believe it’s time for every state representative to vote on this matter so the public will know where they stand on this issue.

It appears the US Attorney’s investigation has gone nowhere as well, and once again it appears the politically connected can pretty much do what they want and even if caught, nothing happens and laws get modified to make once illegal acts legal.

If Mautino is unable to navigate simple campaign laws like we did when we broke the story and the Illinois Supreme Court confirmed, how can we expect him to navigate all the other state agency laws for which he is supposed to audit?

The most recent audit posted for the Auditor General reflects $146,397 in receivables which are over a year outstanding.  While the audit claims zero findings, what we found in that audit is yet more evidence that Mautino should resign.  “Other Administrative Expenses” in 2017 totaled $71,841.00.  In 2018 that figure jumped almost tenfold to $706,867.  In 2019, it almost doubled from 2018 figures to a whopping $1,266,442.00.

As it stands, Mautino remains as our State Auditor General and will reap a healthy retirement on the backs of the taxpayers all while getting away with violating campaign laws for years as confirmed by the Illinois Supreme Court.



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  • Dave
    Posted at 20:30h, 17 November Reply

    The Democrat controlled Illinois state govt is organized crime!

    Posted at 20:46h, 17 November Reply

    In Illinois – everywhere, actually – some politician is always scratching another politician’s back.

  • Chris
    Posted at 21:13h, 17 November Reply

    Well this is Illinois so he can continue as long as there is a D behind his name. There have been exceptions when the politician is a vested member of the Combine.

  • Dave
    Posted at 22:08h, 17 November Reply

    Its time to write a Declaration of Independence, declaring our independence from the organized crime state govt.(British Monarchy)

  • Justice Seeker
    Posted at 06:46h, 18 November Reply

    Taxpayers stay silent because they have resigned themselves to the fact it will never change. That attitude and the appeasement mentality of Republicans in office who play nice in the sandbox has allowed this. A bully does not stop until the victim stands up to them.
    Sadly it is not all Democrats. Look at Shelby County. They are heavy Republican and per capita probably the most corrupt county in the state.
    At some point it has to be about right and wrong and forget the D and R. There are corrupt ones on both sides and there are good ones on both sides. Support the good and stand up to the corrupt!

  • jannie
    Posted at 10:23h, 18 November Reply

    I agree with Justice seeker, I don’t think any political party has more corruption than another – it’s the individuals within the party.

  • GW ONE
    Posted at 10:40h, 18 November Reply

    The three blind mice must have prosecuted Mautino’s case. I suspect the ex House Speaker has to be doing hand stands today. Biden will make sure Illinois’ corruption is protected from those that fit in that spacious category in Illinois.
    As for one of the commentators above, I agree. Most R’s and D’ are the same once elections end. A huge budget increase was passed last night in Madison County which had no justification. The vote, 22-1. Thanks to all you “conservative” Republicans that control the County Board. Maybe you can hire more family members and friends.

  • Dave
    Posted at 11:38h, 18 November Reply

    “If Mautino didn’t “know” he was violating the law, why on earth did he invoke his 5th amendment right?”

    Everyone should always invoke their 5th amendment right when talking with any potentially adversarial government agent. To imply in the article that he is admitting guilt by invoking his 5th amendment right is exactly the opposite of what the 5th amendment is about.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 17:04h, 18 November Reply

      You misunderstood the point being made. He knew to invoke his rights as it related to potential criminal violations of law. That indicates he knows the criminal laws. Anyone that understands those laws is fully capable of understanding the campaign laws.

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