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June 18, 2024

Student Vaccinations – Know Your Rights

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 18, 2021

Illinois (ECWd) –

With forced vaccinations being pushed across the country we are seeing more and more people pushing back citing numerous reasons.  In Illinois, we are seeing people invoke the Health Care Right of Conscious Act which is the law of the land and was established to protect people’s right of conscience.

The vaccine push is now hitting school children across the country to include college students and the resistance appears to parallel that of the adults.

As it relates to college students, there is an established Religious Exemption that few appear to be aware of.

Illinois Administration Code TITLE 77 Section 694.210  Religious Exemption

“A student may be exempted from the immunization requirements specified in this Part upon acceptance by the designated recordkeeping office of a written and signed statement by the student (or the student’s parent or guardian, if the student is a minor) detailing the student’s objection to immunization on religious grounds. The objection must set forth the specific religious belief that conflicts with the immunization.  The religious objection may be personal and need not be directed by the tenets of an established religious organization. General philosophical or moral reluctance to allow immunizations will not provide a sufficient basis for an exception to statutory requirements.”

As it relates to local schools and those students, there is a Religious Exemption that can be signed by the parents and a health care provider that signs for the purpose of nothing more than having informed the student/parent of the 1) the required examinations, 2) the benefits of immunization, and 3) the health risks to the student and to the community from the communicable diseases for which immunization is required in Illinois.  A copy of the document can be downloaded at this link or viewed below. 

That specific form was required when the new law went into place.  We encourage everyone to read the law and pay attention to the highlighted section. (Public Act 99-0249)

What we find ironic for the school children is the fact the document points to the local school authority being the one to inform the parents or legal guardian of exclusion procedures in accordance with IDPH rules under Part 690 of Title 77 of the Illinois Administrative Code. Ironic because we have yet to find any such rules under Part 690 as referenced in the document.

“The local school authority shall inform the parent or legal guardian of exclusion procedures, in accordance with the Department’s rules under Part 690 of Title 77 of the Illinois Administrative Code, at the time the objection is presented.”

We sent a Freedom of Information request for the referenced exclusion procedure rules and will update as soon as we get that information.

We have reviewed numerous school district policy manuals and have yet to find anything pertaining to exclusion procedures as it relates to the Certificate of Religious Exemption form.  A FOIA request has been submitted to see if any such procedure exists and we will update as soon as we get that information as well.

As it stands, it appears Illinois does have some well-established laws and rules in place as it pertains to citizens’ right to refuse forced medical treatments such as a vaccine. However, this is Illinois and when the Governor and those politically connected are faced with laws and rules that block their desires they have no problem changing the laws and rules as we have reported on numerous times.

For now, parents wishing to invoke their religious exemption from vaccination for their kids will need to download the appropriate document at this link follow the instructions for signing and submitting it to their local school authority, which we would assume is the School Board.  While the law specifically states these forms are to be provided prior to entering kindergarten, sixth grade, and ninth grade, we find it hard to imagine they could not be provided at any given time.  Especially considering people’s religious convictions at any given time may not sync up with the timeline of their child entering kindergarten or any other grade for that matter.




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  • Dennis Finegan
    Posted at 05:08h, 19 October Reply

    Yes, if you don’t want the shot, opt out lawfully. While I personally support vaccinations – I’ve had the flu shot, 2 Pfizer and a booster. – this is the right way to do things. No lawsuits needed, just use existing laws. But hurry, this is Illinois and if they don’t like a law, they change it.

  • jannie
    Posted at 07:45h, 19 October Reply

    Follow the law, however, I don’t get it – when I had to have a smallpox vaccination to go to college – I didn’t think twice. For reasons I don’t remember or know I didn’t rec as a kid. . And, no I hate shots – got the covid vac, but no flu shot for me.

  • Golden Country
    Posted at 08:01h, 19 October Reply

    Dennis from reading your previous posts you like myself are retired with no school age children. This puts us in a different category than someone who is opposed to the vaccine and facing a government forced job loss and home schooling
    I can only imagine the fear and apprehension those folks are faced with.
    Thanks to the ECWD for keeping this info available and out in the public rhelm and shame on Gov Pritzker.

  • Frank Miller
    Posted at 09:11h, 19 October Reply

    Send a FOIA request to your local health department, or alternately to the Illinois Department of Public Health Director, Ngozi Ezike, asking for evidence of isolation or purification of SARS-CoV-2. When they are unable to provide any evidence, then any mandate related to testing, masking, or vaccines is irrelevant and therefore unlawful. See also – “FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (117 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification”.

    • bb
      Posted at 02:19h, 26 October Reply

      Frank,Exactly!!As a Cook County resident watching this plandemic,psyop,live exercise unfold from December 2019-March 2020,I knew this was b.s.I repeatedly asked for very specific information from both Chicago and Il. State Public Health Depts. And was mostly ignored and occassionally treated to a vague,nonrelevant reply.Never did I get info. On:which co.s. Supplied the lab cycling machine,essays,supplies,swabs,controls for which hospitals or labs processing these so called tests.When I early on asked when and where the virus was isolated and where it was objectively verified,I got crickets.Long before many,I knew the pcr test was not made to be used to diagnose disease as I was somewhat familiar with Mullis.I asked for details not only on cycle thresholds,but training of staff,oversight of handling and labs and which Exact labs were processing swabs.Asked how many repeat tests of same people were lumped in with so called -/+ cases.Asked why masks would be rewuired when I knew from virology that viruses are Insanely small and masks are theatre,not a defense against them.0 Answers from anyone,ever.It is All a lie.This is same gameplan used by pharmamob for 300 years according to a detailed history of vaccines I watched on’s probably,,,,,,,,, and Dr. Marys Monkey,The Poisoned Needle,Behold a White Horse,It Came From Jekyll Island,Plum Island,and 1984 will inform you.U.S. Constitution Article18,code241 will give you a weapon if used.covd19 translated to Hebrew and read from right to left as you would Hebrew =A.I. Dybuk=evil,possessing entity.These med devices,operating systems,killshots,g.m.o. Making jabs degrade humanity and are a direct attack upon it.Not even close to a vaccine which is a very weakened form of the pathogen or dead pathogen consented to by an informed,not bullied or cornered human.

  • PK
    Posted at 12:40h, 19 October Reply

    Illinois citizens pursuing informed consent on behalf of their own will struggle to gain reliable, accurate, and meaningful information regarding what is known; for not what is parroted by big media, promulgated by state agencies who may or may not know better, and/or withheld by the disinterests of the medical establishment, but for making reasonably informed decisions themselves. I suspect that to be the case for public health agencies in some other states as well. In the same manner, and fortunately for non-partisan concerns, the law isn’t subject to being withheld or hidden by administrative agenda, political party, or individual state agencies.

  • Irving P.
    Posted at 14:59h, 20 October Reply

    The last sentence of the religious exemption statute you quoted has the key words – “statutory requirements”. As of now, the covid jab is not a statute (law) in Illinois (yet). A mandate is NOT a law and cannot be enforced. The covid jab can never become a legal law anywhere in the U.S. for the time being. The Pfizer BioNTech covid jab (being used in the U.S.) is still only approved under the federal emergency use authorization act (EUA) and has NOT been licensed by FDA. Do the research and you’ll see we are being lied to about this – hint: Comirnaty vs BioNTech. This means, by Federal law, we cannot be forced to take the jab.

  • Dwight Kay
    Posted at 09:27h, 22 October Reply

    When the government does not respect or enforce federal or state law, which seems to be the case, citizens may know their rights. But why, to what avail?
    Watch Biden and Pritzker, both lessons of bad government. Are they following laws on the books; are they instructing their Department’s of Justice to follow the law? To the contrary. Yesterday, Gerry Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, commented with words to the effect, if you aren’t with us, you are an insurrectionist. And sitting in front of Mr. Nadler was the Attorney of the United States, Merrick Garland. Simply unreal! Better stand strong and stand for yourself since it’s apparent few will stand in your place.

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