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July 22, 2024

AP: (PARIS, IL) Tiny wrists in cuffs: How police use force against children –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On October 25, 2021


The Associated Press recently published an article entitled “Tiny wrists in cuffs: How police use force against children” – within that article is an account from Paris, Illinois involving the Paris Police Department and a child riding a bicycle.

The article is worth reading (click on the above title).

We wrote about the incident (here) and the original federal lawsuit that followed (here).

There is a new federal lawsuit, filed in July of 2021, on the same incident after the attorneys learned, through depositions, of constitutional violations of the officers involved.

You can read this new lawsuit filed against the former Paris Police Officer and the City of Paris, which has been combined with the previous lawsuit, and set for trial in June of 2022 (HERE).






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  • PK
    Posted at 14:45h, 25 October Reply

    Back the Blue, but not their excessive use of force practices!

    Aside of the ECWd’s previous reporting on this case is another report of wanton violation in Edgar County, Illinois. As I recall, that ECWd report covers the local administration’s violation of the residency requirements for a certain Paris, Illinois city council member and local bar associate.

    How can residents of the Edgar County seat expect local police to respect the rights of a child when their police oversight administration allows for an official member their body to shirk residency requirements, judge?

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