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April 16, 2024

Bill Introduced To Prohibit Mandating COVID Shots For College Students –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 28, 2021


Illinois State Representatives Andrew S. ChesneyBrad HalbrookAdam NiemergJoe SosnowskiBlaine WilhourDan Caulkins and Chris Miller sponsored HB4106, which would create the Higher Education COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement Prohibition Act.

Synopsis As Introduced:

Creates the Higher Education COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement Prohibition Act. Provides that an institution of higher education may not require a person to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination or show a COVID-19 vaccine credential as a condition of enrollment at the institution of higher education or participation as a student in any of its programs. Defines terms. Amends the College Student Immunization Act to make a related change. Effective immediately.



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  • Friedemann Gilde
    Posted at 10:12h, 28 August

    This is stupid. I go to college and I want protection. I am 71 years old!!

    • Doesn't matter
      Posted at 14:54h, 28 August

      Then get vaccinated!!! If you have the shot then you are protected, right? 18 year old children shouldn’t have to choose between a career and a vaccine that could be more harmful to them than actually getting covid.

    • PK
      Posted at 21:42h, 28 August

      It’s never to late to attend and/or graduate from college or university; or to put your thinking cap on.

    • Spike Protein
      Posted at 23:42h, 28 August

      If you support the vaccine, that is fine, but that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to force it on others.

      If the vaccine actually works, you should have no reason to be concerned about the vaccination status of others.

      You don’t have the right to force a vaccine on others just because you happen to support it. That is tyrannical and selfish.

      The whole idea that “science” can somehow justify suspending our civil liberties and force us to mask up, vaccinate, quarantine healthy people, suspend in-person learning, and test people indefinitely to make sure that they aren’t infected with covid needs to be squelched.

      As British Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said:

      “Science will explain how but not why. It talks about what is, not what ought to be. Science is descriptive, not prescriptive; it can tell us about causes but it cannot tell us about purposes. Indeed, science disavows purposes.”

      In other words, science only tells us what is. It doesn’t tell us what policies to implement. Mask and vaccine mandates are the result of political science, not actual science.

      If the vaccine works, then those who are vaccinated should have no reason to be concerned about the vaccination status of others or feel a need to force others to wear a mask in order to protect themselves.

      Just because someone in power might think that particular items, such as mask wearing or vaccinations, are scientifically proven to be efficacious, doesn’t mean that they can be mandated on others.

      Part of living in a free society means accepting the fact that other people may very well do things that one may find unscientific or inefficacious to living a healthy life.

      For example, the gluttonous and lazy lifestyle that likely caused Pritzker’s gross, morbid obesity has been scientifically proven to be inefficacious to living a long and healthy life, but that doesn’t give me the right to mandate that Pritzker finally stop overeating, eat healthier, and exercise.

      The concept of medical privacy protects those who don’t wish to disclose their vaccination status to their employer, school, or other people in general.

      Risk is inherent in a free society. A free people assume that risk as they go about their daily lives. No more restricting our liberty under the guise of additional security.

      No more mask mandates, quarantining of healthy people, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mandatory covid testing, and other covid mandates.

  • Christine A Koch
    Posted at 15:30h, 28 August

    with information still evolving about the “vaccines”and it’s adverse affects on some indivuduals and the “vaccines” efficacy rates continuing to fall, it seems quite an overreach to force students of any age to get the jab. Studies have shown that those who have gotten the vaccine carry a higher viral count than those who haven’t gotten the vaccine. And individuals who have gotten the vaccine are still coming down with covid.

  • Jeff Clay
    Posted at 17:22h, 28 August

    My body my choice !

  • jannie
    Posted at 17:38h, 28 August

    So if this is such a great idea — why don’t these lawmakers include in the law that colleges can’t require smallpox vaccinations. I was required when I went to college to get one, but guess it wasn’t required before then. Anyway, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want college students and staff save – but I suppose they lawmakers want to get their face in the media.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 07:59h, 29 August

      The difference is the small pox vaccine worked. The COVID vaccine is not a real vaccine but rather a short-term medical treatment that they now are telling us is only good for 6-8 months and then you need a booster. BIG differance.

    • Spike Flea
      Posted at 03:27h, 01 September

      Apples to oranges. Smallpox is actually fatal. COVID… 99.97% survival rate. Not to mention the fact that the vaccines are sputtering in their efficacy.

    • Tony
      Posted at 01:47h, 04 September

      Smallpox was deadly enough for people to voluntarily risk a new vaccine. Which later was proven safe and effective enough to be mandatory.

      Covid is not deadly enough for everyone, and a fair few no doubt would rather risk the more reliable immunization through exposure rather than a risky vaccine with only short term gain.

  • Catherine
    Posted at 21:10h, 28 August

    God Bless these representatives. Today I met with parents of students that have been told by University officials that they must get the jab in order to attend the school. The students don’t want the jab and the parents don’t want their children to get the jab. The mothers I met with were holding back their tears as they explained the tyranny.

  • Hope Nigg Nigg
    Posted at 22:09h, 28 August

    Please look up Dr. Peter McCullogh. He is a cardiovascular surgeon who feels that he probably has the most COVID-19 experience. If you only follow social media and main stream news you are being mislead. The vaccinated are carrying just about the same viral load as unvaccinated and in Israel who vaccinated earlier and has most of its population now vaccinated are having a severe up tick in the amount of Covid-19 sever cases in the double vaccinated. Some people believe that the Delata variant is the vaccinated. We all need to love each other and respect each other’s decisions. There is still a lot to learn.about Corona-19.. We should Never allow the government to dictate what we put in our bodies. Please just think where that could go. We have Never had a medication or vaccine with this many deaths or adverse reactions. Check out VAERS

  • Golden Country
    Posted at 07:10h, 29 August

    To equate Covid 19 to small pox or the spanish flu is a ridiculous argument to support ones narrative. Why didn’t the government mandate vaccinations for the swine flu?

  • Jack Tarleton
    Posted at 16:47h, 29 August

    It really doesn’t matter because this bill is going exactly nowhere. It won’t even get out of committee.

    • Mike
      Posted at 14:35h, 31 August

      The Democrat controlled Illinois General Assembly will side with the authoritarian public higher education institutions and public sector unions.

      Good to know that 7% (6 of 118) of the State House Representatives have a different opinion.

      • Friedemann
        Posted at 15:47h, 31 August

        Seems like you are saying UN-VACCINATED should not get ICU beds. Their body/ their choice

        • Tony
          Posted at 01:59h, 04 September

          By that logic, neither should drunk drivers, ODs from intentional substance abuse, and criminals breaking into peaceful families armed homes…

          Cherry picking the appropriate way to end up in ICU is a very authoritarian way to try and sway people.

          One size fits all doesn’t for healthcare, hence it’s not a right, but it also needs to be hands off by governments because they’re very bad at catering to individual needs.

    • Mary Ann Tiedemann
      Posted at 13:30h, 03 September

      It is law. Passed in 1997 when Jim Edgar was governor.

  • Ed Miller
    Posted at 08:17h, 03 September

    You may want to do your research on people that have been vaccinated, it appears
    they are the ones spreading covid, more so than the ones that have not been vaccinated, open your eyes people !!!!

  • Irret Clay
    Posted at 11:39h, 11 September

    Getting the shot only is supposed to lessen symptoms which means those can still spread covid. Why does it matter either way. Wake up and do your research, this is all a ploy to control and take over our freedom. If 60% of our country is protesting against the vaccine should be enough to tell you to open your eyes and look at the bigger picture. We need to come together and not allow them to divide us over the proposed idea of the vaccine will make this go away. That is not the answer! Research and at least take a minute to see what is really going on! Or we are going to be a communist country and have no freedom!