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April 16, 2024

Bill Introduced To Grant Authority To Sanction Teachers, Revoke Recognition Of Schools –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 27, 2021


As if finally admitting that the SBE (and Governor) lacks power to revoke recognition of schools, Illinois State Representative Edgar Gonzalez, Jr. (D), introduced HB4135, entitled “School-Public Health Emergency.”

If passed, this Bill would grant the Illinois State Board of Education the powers to issue, refuse to issue, or revoke the recognition for schools…Allows the State Board of Education to revoke recognition for schools that fail to comply with the public health requirements.

Synopsis as introduced:

“Amends the School Code. Provides that the State Board of Education may issue, refuse to issue, or revoke recognition for schools. Amends certain provisions of the School Code with respect to public health requirements issued by the Department of Public Health when a public health emergency is declared by the Governor. Allows the State Board to revoke recognition for schools that fail to comply with the public health requirements. In provisions concerning the registration and recognition of nonpublic schools, requires a nonpublic school to comply with public health requirements. Prohibits a school board from passing any resolution that contravenes any of the public health requirements. Makes similar changes to provisions concerning the licensure powers of the State Board of Education. Requires schools to investigate complaints of noncompliance with the public health requirements; sets forth complaint procedures. Provides that the State Superintendent of Education may require a school to operate fully remotely if the public health requirements are not followed. Sets forth penalty provisions. Provides for rulemaking by the State Board of Education. Makes a corresponding change in the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act.”

  • Prohibits a school board from passing any resolution that is in contravention of any requirement established by the department of Public Health.
  • Authorizes action to be taken to sanction any educator or individual licensed under this code who implements any practice that is in contravention of any public health requirement established by the DPH when the Governor has declared a disaster due to a public health emergency pursuant to Section 7 of the Illinois Emergency Management Act.

Another case of “get caught breaking the law?  –  Change the law”


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  • Dave
    Posted at 08:42h, 28 August

    Unlawful extortion because the people won’t hand over our constitutionally protected rights to the state govt. The Illinois state legislature abuses Illinois citizens through delegation of power to the state board of Education by unlawfully presuming the Board of Education has the power without the responsibility of obeying and honoring the Bill of Rights in the Illinois State Constitution. Yes, in Article X of the Illinois state constitution it grants the state the authority over education in three sections of Article 10, but nowhere in Article 10 does it grant the dictatorial right to ignore our constitutionally (Bill of Rights) protected parental rights!

    Let’s begin with what is true! The organic law of Our Declaration of Independence says our Rights come from God. So, simple logic shows our rights pre-date & pre-exist the U.S. Constitution. The Declaration of Independence states in part:
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”
    Because the Declaration of Independence identifies The Creator as Grantor of Rights, we must look to The Bible or the Natural Law to see what those rights are. The Bible or the Natural Law reveals many rights, such as the rights to Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, to inherit, earn, and keep property, the right of self-defense, the right and duty to demand that the civil authorities obey the Law, the right to speak, the right to live our lives free from interference from civil government; the rights of parents to protect and raise their children free from interference from civil government; the right to worship God; etc.
    Our enshrined rights are constitutionally secured by the Illinois constitution. It is wrong to say “our constitutional rights” because no constitution grants us rights! Our rights are constitutionally protected from government abuse!
    “All men are by nature (Natural Law) free and independent and have certain inherent and inalienable rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights and the protection of property, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. ~ (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    When We the People instituted the Illinois state govt, we most certainly didn’t grant them the power to deny or create our natural rights. And make no mistake about it, the Bill of Rights in the Illinois state constitution is LAW! And don’t think just because “parental rights” isn’t expressly enumerated in the Illinois state constitution’s Bill of Rights, it doesn’t exist. Parental rights is enshrined in Article 1, Section 1, Section 3, and Section 24 of the Illinois state constitution
    Here is Article 1 section 3, Religious freedom. “The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination, shall forever be guaranteed, and no person shall be denied any civil or political right, privilege or capacity, on account of his religious opinions; but the liberty of conscience hereby secured shall not be construed to dispense with oaths or affirmations, excuse acts of licentiousness, or justify practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of the State. No person shall be required to attend or support any ministry or place of worship against his consent, nor shall any preference be given by law to any religious denomination or mode of worship.” ~ (Source: Illinois Constitution.) Parental rights is a gift from God to parents, not to a dictatorial state govt. Parents don’t give up parental rights when they send their children to tax funded public schools.

    Here is Article 1, section 24:
    “The enumeration in this Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the individual citizens of the State”. ~ (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    Many corrupt democrats in the state legislature can’t seem to follow the logic that if you don’t follow the original meaning and intent of the Bill of Rights in the Illinois constitution then you violate the state constitution. No branch of the state government has the unilateral authority to change the Illinois Bill of Rights. Illinois democrat politicians are ideologically driven and are unconcerned with whether their desires for government action are lawful. Their basis for what is right or wrong is how strongly they ‘feel’ about it.. This proposed bill, HB4135 should be met with condemnation from both sides of the aisle!

  • Mags
    Posted at 14:17h, 28 August

    Folks get busy. Inundate these politicians with phone calls and emails. Enough is Enough!

  • Frank Miller
    Posted at 17:25h, 28 August

    How to file a claim against officials who violate the oath of office.