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April 12, 2024

U.S. Senate Candidate Allison Salinas and Her Campaign Sued for Fraud, Breach of Contract, and Violation of the Wage Payment and Collection Act

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 6, 2021

Illinois (ECWd) –

Illinois Candidate for the United States Senate, Allison Salinas (Pekin, IL.), has been sued in Circuit Court, Fayette County, Illinois.

The basics of this complaint is that the Salinas campaign employed campaign staff who they never paid, sold tickets to an event tp be held in Effingham, Illinois (which was abruptly canceled at the last minute), and failed to pay contracts related to the event and the employment.

The suit contains 5 counts ranging from breach of contract to fraud.

  • 14) Salinas admitted her campaign owed Michael $2,500.00 and stated she overnight mailed a check on March 01, 2021, for this amount. (See Exhibit C)
  • 15) Salinas never mailed the check to Brande for $12,000.00 or the check to Michael for $2,500.00.
  • 20) Salinas has publicly stated over 250 tickets have been sold for the Gala at a price ranging from $75 to $125 each.
  • 2l) As such, a total of$18,750 to $31,250 in ticket sales have been collected by Salinas.
  • 22) The Gala has been cancelled and rescheduled numerous times and most recently the April 02, 2021 date was cancelled as well at the last minute.
  • 23) The Thelma Keller Convention Center never received payment for the rental of the facility.

Salinas is a Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate according to FEC filings included as exhibits in the complaint.

A copy of the complaint can be downloaded here or viewed below.



Salinas reportedly sued her opponent for defamation (read it here) in late March, 2021.



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