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December 2, 2023

S. Jacksonville Facing Massive Lawsuit Over Sewer Billing To Low Income Residents –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 28, 2021

S. Jacksonville, IL. (ECWd) –

The Village of S. Jacksonville, IL. has been in a lawsuit for the past 5 years or more in relation to their alleged over billing of resident of the Laborer’s Home Development.

Jacksonville Affordable Housing LP v. Village Of South Jacksonville (Morgan County Case 2016-MR-58)

According to WLDS, Mayor-elect Tyson Manker discovered this lawsuit while researching various issues prior to his term of office beginning.

Here is what we know at this point in time:

  • In 2015, the Village was notified of improper billing
  • A lawsuit was filed in 2016 alleging the Village of South Jacksonville, IL. had been overcharging residents of the Laborer’s Home Development for its water and sewer
  • Since the lawsuit was filed or sometime afterward, the Village has not billed those residents for sewer
  • Since that lawsuit was filed or sometime afterward, the remaining residents of the Village have paid increased bills – and were never fully informed on why their rates were increasing
  • There is a meeting of the whole this evening to discuss further rate increases

From the Original Complaint:

  • There are 33 meters in JAH, and the sewer is charged based on those 33 meters
  • Between 2006 and 2015 JAH was charged for a per-user basic charge, and also a metered rate for sewer, which resulted in an overcharge. During the period of Jan 1 through May of 2015, the overcharge was $34,972.40
  • In 2015, a meeting was held and Plaintiff’s representative was supposed to meet with the VOSJ to determine how to repay Plaintiffs the sum of $361,458.16 for the gross overcharges
  • No payments were forthcoming
  • There was a discrepancy between what the ordinance stated would be charged and what was actually charged

From the Amended Complaint:

  • This amended complaint included more detailed overcharges, with more detail on the dates
  • Plaintiff’s are seeking $361,458.16 plus prejudgment interest

We will provide an update on this situation in the coming weeks.


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