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June 13, 2024

The Immaculate Deception -The Navarro Report

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On December 17, 2020

United States (ECWd) –

Epoch Times:“Peter Navarro, who serves as an advisor to President Donald Trump, on Thursday released a report, in his private capacity, on the integrity of the 2020 election, concluding that the allegations of irregularities are serious enough to warrant an urgent probe and substantial enough to overturn the results.”

From the report:

  • The weight of evidence and patterns of irregularities are such that it is irresponsible for anyone – especially the mainstream media – to claim there is “no evidence” of fraud or irregularities.
  • The ballots in question because of the identified election irregularities are more than sufficient to swing the outcome in favor of President Trump should even a relatively small portion of these ballots be ruled illegal.
  • All six battleground states exhibit most, or all, six dimensions of election irregularities. However, each state has a unique mix of issues that might be considered “most important.” To put this another way, all battleground states are characterized by the same or similar election irregularities; but, like Tolstoy’s unhappy families, each battleground state is different in its own election irregularity way.
  • This was theft by a thousand cuts across six dimensions and six battleground states rather than any one single “silver bullet” election irregularity.
  • In refusing to investigate a growing number of legitimate grievances, the anti-Trump media and censoring social media are complicit in shielding the American public from the truth. This is a dangerous game that simultaneously undermines the credibility of the media and the stability of our political system and Republic.
  • Those journalists, pundits, and political leaders now participating in what has become a Biden Whitewash should acknowledge the six dimensions of election irregularities and conduct the appropriate investigations to determine the truth about the 2020 election. If this is not done before Inauguration Day, we risk putting into power an illegitimate and illegal president lacking the support of a large segment of the American people.
  • The failure to aggressively and fully investigate the six dimensions of election irregularities assessed in this report is a signal failure not just of our anti-Trump mainstream media and censoring social media but also of both our legislative and judicial branches.
    • Republican governors in Arizona and Georgia together with Republican majorities in both chambers of the State Legislatures of five of the six battleground states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – have had both the power and the opportunity to investigate the six dimensions of election irregularities presented in this report. Yet, wilting under intense political pressure, these politicians have failed in their Constitutional duties and responsibilities to do so – and thereby failed both their states and this nation as well as their party.
    • Both State courts and Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, have failed the American people in refusing to appropriately adjudicate the election irregularities that have come before them. Their failures pose a great risk to the American Republic.
  • If these election irregularities are not fully investigated prior to Inauguration Day and thereby effectively allowed to stand, this nation runs the very real risk of never being able to have a fair presidential election again – with the down-ballot Senate races scheduled for January 5 in Georgia an initial test case of this looming risk.

Regardless of what Presidential candidate you support, election integrity should be a top priority to every American.  Without it, there can be no Republic in my opinion.  We urge everyone to read the information with an open mind and investigate the claims on their own.  If you can disprove what is written, it invalidates the report. If you can not disprove what is written, contact your Representatives and demand a thorough investigation of our election system. We note that the footnotes provided are also filled with the supporting information used in the report as found at the provided hot links.

A copy of the report can be downloaded at this link or viewed below.




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  • Dave
    Posted at 16:56h, 17 December Reply

    We deserve a fair & honest election and those guilty of vote fraud need punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  • jannie
    Posted at 17:23h, 17 December Reply

    Another of Trumps Lap Dogs.

    • Kirk Allen & John Kraft
      Posted at 18:33h, 17 December Reply

      NO, simply providing information that needs to be evaluated and either disproven or proven. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Rob
      Posted at 20:23h, 17 December Reply

      Where there is smoke, there is fire.

      Honestly, can you say in your heart of hearts, that there is nothing hinky going on here. More votes than registered voters.

    • Stephen E. Vale
      Posted at 21:12h, 17 December Reply

      That’s quite a conclusion to which you jumped. This deserves a bit more than that. Especially with four years of accusations without so much evidence from the other side.

    • David Somerset
      Posted at 23:02h, 17 December Reply

      A lap dog is preferable to a choke head.

    • David Somerset
      Posted at 23:04h, 17 December Reply

      Sorry, cokehead.

    • PK
      Posted at 13:27h, 18 December Reply

      Why your cheap bridge sale offer will fail every time, ma’am.

    • PK
      Posted at 13:34h, 18 December Reply

      Why your cheap bridge offer will fail every time, ma’am.

    • Micheal
      Posted at 12:12h, 20 December Reply

      No Jannie folks like you are the problem. Dismiss anything Trump off hand. The evidence is there and this election was stolen.

    • Steve
      Posted at 23:57h, 16 January Reply

      Posted at 17:23h, 17 December REPLY
      Another of Trumps Lap Dogs.

      Why do adults make such childish responses? This is the equivalent of nana nana boo boo.

      Do you expect such a response to win an argument concerning the merits? Do you think you are going to shame people online into changing their point of view? Do you think people with respect such a response, or you, its source?

      Try addressing the merits, or don’t bother to respond. You just make yourself look foolish, and not well educated. Such responses will only make you feel worse over time, not better, eventually crushing your own emotions, which you are seeking to give you positive feedback. It is eminently self destructive to offer childish responses in adult conversations.

      Now go share this with seven of your closest emotions based friends about how terrible I am to point out your obvious failure. Tell them the whole horrible story.

  • Robin J Brooksby
    Posted at 21:00h, 17 December Reply

    Washington State still has not recovered from the stealing of the election for Governor of Dino Rossi in 2004 through fraudulent mail-in balloting. If the “irregularities” of the 2020 elections are not investigated by Democrats and Republicans, the American people will never be able to trust any future election. President Trump should follow the recommendation of Mr Navarro and appoint a special counsel immediately. The future of the Republic depends on it.

  • Stephen E. Vale
    Posted at 21:10h, 17 December Reply

    Thanks for covering and sharing the report here. Having it read to me now using the Voice Dream Reader app.

  • Anita Sweater
    Posted at 02:25h, 18 December Reply

    How do you suppose Chairman Pritzger got his position? Along with the many Chairman of other states that have gone full commie?

  • Mags
    Posted at 11:06h, 18 December Reply

    God Bless Peter Navarro and our Constitution and our Republic. We all need to demand voter integrity in our elections. I do not believe that all of these supposed Blue States, cities or counties are as Blue as they would have us believe.

    We need to start making phone calls, put in Foia’s, ask questions and demand from our politicians that this be looked into and fixed.

    Illinois has elections coming up in late February, we cannot have all of this vulnerable voting equipment, poll books and massive vote by mail delegitimize our legal votes.

  • BH
    Posted at 12:55h, 18 December Reply

    This is not a Democratic or Republican issue. Election integrity is an issue for all Americans, and should be of great concern to everyone! Voting is an inalienable right of the people. Think about having that right taken away from the people and being placed in the hands of a few elites. Our democracy is at stake!

  • eric d'angelo
    Posted at 18:22h, 18 December Reply


  • Ang
    Posted at 02:22h, 19 December Reply

    Is this the same Navarro guy who at first wanted to give Eastman “Pump and Dump” Kodak a government loan? Despite the once iconic photography company having no experience making pharmaceuticals?

    Trump lost (many times, actually, since he kept filing merit-less lawsuits, but we should all be using good old paper ballots and not hackable voting machines (in light of all the systems breaches in federal agencies just reported on).

    As for Trump, he’s done. Everyone is going to be trying to prosecute him for something as a civilian when out of office (precisely why he doesn’t want to leave office, no doubt), and if anyone succeeds, can he run again?

    I do not approve of my tax dollars constantly being wasted on politically motivated investigations, but Trump would be wise to concede, step aside and let VP Pence enjoy a couple weeks as POTUS (that could look good for Trump, to humor Pence and let him act as POTUS one or two weeks). Pence could then pre-emptively pardon Trump, who could then run in 2024, and we all would be saved the spectacle of watching yet more attempts to *get* Trump on something (anything), just to convict him.

    Strategically, Trump needs a pre-emptive pardon. He should put Pence in charge to do so and save us all the expense of yet more post-presidency FBI investigations, or whoever else tries to go on a prosecution fishing expedition looking for something to get him on. It’s become a circus watching either party perpetually investigating the other instead of actually leading.

    And we should all just go to paper ballots.

    Some two cents

    • Mags
      Posted at 09:16h, 19 December Reply

      Ang, You sound like a rabid Anit-Trumper Rhino. President Trump is not part of the CLUB. He has not been in politics or has been a Corrupt career politician his entire life. He has done more good for the American people than any President in my lifetime (Regan was the first I was able to vote for and did) in spite of the treachery that surrounded him for the first 4 years. It is plain as the nose on everyone’s face that this election was stolen from President Trump and given to Joe Biden so that China can continue its plan to take over this Country and turn us into a Communist Country. Not going to Happen.

  • Henry
    Posted at 12:25h, 19 December Reply

    Navarro writing a report is a joke. This is the same guy who said taking Hydroxy will cure covid-19. Another of trump’s ass lickers

    • PK
      Posted at 18:16h, 19 December Reply

      I struggled to get past the cover page and author’s dramatic language therein.

      According to various reference news articles, the author did, and maybe still does advocate hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 treatment.

      At least your vulgar comment tends to Navarro’s dramatic reporting style.

      • Buck
        Posted at 23:45h, 21 December Reply

        “According to various reference news articles, the author did, and maybe still does advocate hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 treatment.” Actually, it’s HCQ plus zinc and a Z-pak. And it’s been successfully used and advocated by hundreds of doctors all over the world. Should they have checked with you first?

        • PK
          Posted at 10:25h, 22 December Reply

          Whatever, dude.

    • Steve
      Posted at 17:38h, 22 December Reply

      “The American Medical Association has officially rescinded a previous statement against the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Physicians can use it at their discretion.”

      Thanks for proving you’re not fully informed, and not able to properly evaluate the manipulative comments made by the mainstream media.

  • Sue Smithe
    Posted at 21:17h, 19 December Reply

    Do you think that ALL those judges, ALL over the country, that threw out ALL his baseless claims, are all democrats? Of course not! Probably most of them voted for him! BUT they know he is delusional! He has ripped this country apart with his lies, lies, lies! When did that become a favorable trait to lead this country? He is a sleazy scumbag who surrounds himself with other scumbags who are so afraid to loose their careers, they pander to him.

    • PK
      Posted at 00:07h, 20 December Reply

      What!…are you all gloat or is there some ugly rant echoing in from the front line of the 2016 election?

  • Nancy Ippolito
    Posted at 20:08h, 20 December Reply

    Many words used to describe what types of voter fraud could be possible in any election. Then using more words to ultimately state what he thinks is possible fraud without any evidence whatsoever, but trying very hard to make it sound as if there is. What a load of BS.

    • Kirk Allen & John Kraft
      Posted at 21:51h, 20 December Reply

      Without any evidence? May we once again suggest reading the footnotes and links of supporting…..evidence?

  • Thomas Perry
    Posted at 19:58h, 21 December Reply

    The Democrats stole this election. We must stop them.

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