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May 27, 2024

Sidney Powell’s Michigan Lawsuit filings

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On December 1, 2020

Michigan (ECWd) –

Edit: 1-19-2021: We have not followed this lawsuit and have no updates.

As outlined in this article, for weeks we have witnessed the vast majority of our media ignore what is alleged in court filings to be criminal acts in Georgia, Michigan, and other states related to the November 3rd, 2020, election.

Anyone willing to take the time to read the actual Michigan complaint and ALL the exhibits from the case can find them below.

Looking at the exhibits and court filings, it is being alleged this Presidential election is rife with fraud. The very foundation of our Republic is rooted in fair and honest elections.

We understand many will not take the time to read all the information and while clearly not inclusive of all the evidence, here are a few key points made in the complaint that clearly point to fraud allegations in the Michigan election.

“The same pattern of election fraud and voter fraud writ large occurred in all the swing states with only minor variations in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin. See Exh. 101, William M. Briggs, Ph.D”

  • Plaintiff’s expert witness, Russell James Ramsland, Jr. (Exh. 101, “Ramsland Affidavit”), has concluded that Dominion alone is responsible for the injection, or fabrication, of 289,866 illegal votes in Michigan, that must be disregarded”.
  • Denied Republican election challengers access to the TCF Center, where all Wayne County, Michigan ballots were processed and counted
  • Denied Republic poll watchers at the TCF Center meaningful access to view ballot handling, processing, or counting and locked credentialed challengers out of the counting room so they could not observe the process, during which time tens of thousands of ballots were processed;
  • Engaged in a systematic pattern of harassment, intimidation and even physical removal of Republican election challengers or locking them out of the TCF Center;
  • Systematically discriminated against Republican poll watchers and favored Democratic poll watchers;
  • Ignored or refused to record Republican challenges to the violations outlined herein;
  • Fraudulently adding “tens of thousands” of new ballots and/or new voters to QVF in two separate batches on November 4, 2020, all or nearly all of which were votes for Joe Biden;
  • Forging voter information and fraudulently adding new voters to the QVF Voters, in particular, e.g., when a voter’s name could not be found, the election worker assigned the ballot to a random name already in the QVF to a person who had not voted and recorded the new voters as having a birth date of1/1/1900;
  • Changing dates on absentee ballots received after 8:00 PM Election Day deadline to indicate that such ballots were received before the deadline;
  • Changing Votes for Trump and other Republican candidates; andE.Added votes to “undervote” ballots and removing votes from “Over-Votes”.
  • Permitting illegal double voting by persons that had voted by absentee ballot and in person;
  • Counting ineligible ballots – and in many cases – multiple times;
  • Counting ballots without signatures, or without attempting to match signatures, and ballots without postmarks, pursuant to direct instructions from Defendants;
  • Counting “spoiled” ballots;
  • Systematic violations of ballot secrecy requirements;
  • Unsecured ballots arrived at the TCF Center loading garage, not in sealed ballot boxes, without any chain of custody, and without envelopes, after the 8:00 PM Election Day deadline, in particular, the tens of thousands of ballots that arrived on November 4, 2020;
  • Accepting and counting ballots from deceased voters.
  • “16. In addition to the above fact witnesses, this Complaint presents expert witness testimony demonstrating that several hundred thousand illegal, ineligible, duplicate or purely fictitious votes must be thrown out, in particular: (1) a report from Russel Ramsland, Jr. showing the “physical impossibility” of nearly 385,000 votes injected by four precincts/township on November 4, 2020, that resulted in the counting of nearly 290,000 more ballots processed than available capacity (which is based on statistical analysis that is independent of his analysis of Dominion’s flaws); (2) a report from Dr. William Briggs, showing that there were approximately 60,000 absentee ballots listed as “unreturned” by voters that either never requested them, or that requested and returned their ballots; and (3) a report from Dr. Eric Quinell analyzing the anomalous turnout figures in Wayne and Oakland Counties showing that Biden gained nearly 100% and frequently more than 100% of all “new” voters in certain townships/precincts over 2016, and thus indicated that nearly 87,000 anomalous and likely fraudulent votes from these precincts.”



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  • Anon
    Posted at 14:01h, 01 December Reply

    Exhibit 19: “In another case for Edison County, MI, Vice President Biden received more than 100% of the votes at 5:59 PM EST on November 4, 2020 and again he received 99.61% of the votes at 2:23 PM EST on November 5, 2020. These distributions are cause for concern and indicate fraud.”

    Your expert witness is citing data from a county that does not exist. Edison County did not certify any votes for Biden because Edison County, Michigan does not exist.

    If these are the types of “experts” you are relying upon, you might not have a good case.

    Trump lost. Get over it.

    • PK
      Posted at 23:07h, 02 December Reply

      I mistook you for a person who discovered the problem with the exhibit on your own,

  • jannie
    Posted at 14:17h, 01 December Reply

    I have a bridge I’d like to sell the people who seem to be in the Trump “cult”, they will believe anything as long as it favors their cult leader “Trump”. Just accept the fact that Trump lost – If anyone else whined like this the press & other politicians would be screaming – but Trump seems to be able to act like a 2 yr old and get away with it.

    • Dave
      Posted at 14:34h, 01 December Reply

      Trump supporters favor a FAIR & HONEST ELECTION. We don’t think criminals should get away with the crime of vote fraud

    • PK
      Posted at 14:43h, 01 December Reply

      As a citizen disenfranchised in the 2016 General Election, I value your offer as worthless, ma’am.

  • Dave
    Posted at 14:35h, 01 December Reply

    It amazes me how the left doesn’t think law breakers should be held accountable for their crimes

    • Anon
      Posted at 08:39h, 02 December Reply

      Voting while Black is not a crime anymore. This was a free and fair election. ALL Americans were allowed to vote.

      • HT
        Posted at 10:05h, 02 December Reply

        Yeah, no sh!t Sherlock. Black voting isn’t a crime, it’s just simply ignored when that vote is for a conservative or Republican.

        Just because there are more blacks and minorities in general that voted for Trump this time while rats and their media ignore that fact doesn’t make those racial minorities less valid. But of course, the dems can’t approve anyone stepping out of the plantation or the victim’s circles and think for themselves. That’s just racist.

        Sorry, rat, I’m one of those racial minorities that have lived through your commie utopian nightmare, and have always voted conservative and for America after I escaped to America. There are millions of others like me, who may not publicly admit voting against the D rats due to rats always getting violent and batsh!t crazy. We know how leftist rats behave, and only faith in Christ and freedom will eradicate them.

        Yup, shocker, there are Blacks and all kinds of racial minorities who’d rather preserve America the beautiful!

      • PK
        Posted at 22:58h, 02 December Reply

        “ALL” as if systemic racism is somehow resolved. What states allow criminals to vote?

        • HT
          Posted at 23:22h, 02 December Reply

          Well, conveniently, only those battleground states/cities, of course.

          Oh, and remember, ALL are allowed to vote. You know, infants, teenagers, convicts, dead voters.

  • HT
    Posted at 16:24h, 01 December Reply

    If it were up to the left, they’d have a shredding party where the Constitution would be the document they’d destroy.

    Ignoring any and all anomalies, signed affidavits, witnesses, and even expert data scientists who publicly question unexplained data dumps that happened in matter of minutes for thousands of votes, is very easy to do. Just tune in to the soon-to-be financially dead CNN and absorb the soothing sounds of morons.

    Talking about selling a bridge, looks like the a bunch lefties bought something much more amazing and less useful than a bridge, considering that when CCP Joe speaks, or just simply snored, y’all just creamed in your pants.

    Remember when he said: “I’d defintlljl tummmpaokfmm l…?”
    Or how about this: “I’m a candidate for the us senate…?”
    Or how about this about his favorite ice cream: “uh.. .. . .um…?”
    Was that Mandarin he was trying to speak? Or Russian? Or just cult speak?
    Labeling people you hate as belonging to a cult while enjoying the fruits of the labor from those who you hate.

    Yeah, I’d rather take a bridge any day, over any dimwits who don’t even know what day this is and who’s ready to bend us over to take the CCP batons.

    I’ve seen you lefties before in another commie country. You all attack freedom mercilessly, and when you lose yours, you’d be begging and running from your commie masters faster than anyone else.

  • james mitchell
    Posted at 16:52h, 01 December Reply

    Thanks for the update

  • Anon
    Posted at 17:07h, 01 December Reply

    Isn’t it amazing that some people think that Biden could not have won the election fairly?

    Fun fact: there are more registered Democrats in America than Republicans.

    Why is it so difficult to understand that more people may vote for Biden than Trump?

    • HT
      Posted at 18:20h, 01 December Reply

      Well, if you include dead people, illegal aliens, and other unidentified registrants and those of whom no signatures are validated, then of course, there are more dems than one would imagine. Not that difficult to figure.

      I volunteered to be an election judge in 2008 in Chicago, and oh boy, I really learned how the machine really worked, and finally understood the dems’ phrase of “vote early, vote often.” It’s 2020 in Trump world, so the cheating has to be ramped up exponentially for dems to win. You lefties are cheaters and anti-America at heart.

      If Xiden gets in he’ll toe the line and let in millions more illegals, give them free money, and they’ll be lifelong dems for generations to come. Just look at what the dems did to the previously self-reliant and self-respecting Black Americans.

      Great Rats logic.

    • HT
      Posted at 19:03h, 01 December Reply

      Isn’t it amazing that anyone would believe that on election night, all of sudden, the counting of ballots was stopped simultaneously, wait for it., only in those battleground and heavily dem cities, and as if magic happened, when the counting restarted, at 4AM of course, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of votes, just appeared under china joe’s column. Hmmm…. that was some superhuman counting for sure. Yeah, nothing unusual about that at all.

      There are mathematical experts who are usually paid to examine this sort of data and their behavior who would testify to the impossibility of such incidents. But of course, dems only believe in science when science works to perpetuate fear onto the population, not when science points out that dems cheat.

      A bridge sounds good about now, eh?

      Go ask china joe what day it is, and what his name is, and learn Mandarin. Comrade!

    • PK
      Posted at 22:23h, 02 December Reply

      More a teenybopper tongue wag than matter of fact.

  • Pat
    Posted at 17:51h, 01 December Reply

    For all of you Biden supporters or maybe I should say Trump haters maybe you should watch the Arizona meeting with the state legislatures. They called people on there list of people that requested mail in ballots and guess what, they didn’t request mail in ballots. Many truck drivers of those vehicles that brought all those FAKE ballots to the counties at the wee hours of the morning to be counted are steping forward and testifying, FAKE BALLOTS DO NOT COUNT and if though I believe in God and the afterlife, DEAD people can’t vote.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 20:03h, 01 December Reply

    You would think that with death records and voter records being available, they could produce a single name of somebody that was dead that voted. One. But they haven’t. Why?

    • HT
      Posted at 22:57h, 01 December Reply

      So one would logically conclude that while various lawsuits have been filed and various judges have allowed the cases to be heard, that the evidence presented, including proof of dead voters, are legitimate.

      Maybe some people watch too much TV court dramas and somehow think that reality would be just as neat and wraps up in a 1-hour or less episode. Which movie star helped you asked that oh-so-clever-gotcha! question?

      It’s highly doubtful that any of those lawsuits would be allowed to move forward if either the litigating attorneys went ahead and splattered all of the evidence to the public, or that the evidence was just empty.

      Brain? Critical thinking much? Nah….

      • Anon
        Posted at 07:52h, 02 December Reply

        Critical thinking? Are you even aware that most of the lawsuits regarding “fraud” have resulted in the lawyers dropping the case once they get into court and have to produce evidence of this voter fraud? They can say “fraud” to the media but once the lawyers get into court, they cannot legally state crimes unless they have a shred of evidence. There is no fraud. Even Bill Barr could not make that stretch.

        • HT
          Posted at 09:49h, 02 December Reply

          Gee, paid to repeat your media’s reporting again about the dropped lawsuits?

          Convenient to forget to mention that many of the lawyers representing Trump were personally threatened, and many of the suits dropped were competing suits after certain issues were either resolved or moved forward, therefore making competing suits moot.

          Maybe you should expand your daily intake of information to include real world news from all sources, and not just from your bosses.

          By the way, maybe verify today that the DOJ is “still” investigating voter fraud.

          Or maybe not. Maybe just get back in the basement, toke a doobie, watch some TV legal drama, take some calls from your media bosses, and cream your pants when china joe gurgles something.

          • Anon
            Posted at 11:15h, 02 December

            What flavor is your Kool-aide? Bleach?

          • David Lambert
            Posted at 14:29h, 04 December

            I am not “anonymous”.

            I’ll agree that it was a low blow to suggest a boycott of law-firms representing the Trump campaign, but there’s a difference between that and actually plotting to kidnap a public official. Or during the Michigan board of canvassers meeting one of the public commenters reminded Norm Shinkle that she had personally known his mother (with the implication that she is now deceased). A board member reminded commenters to stay on topic and refrain from personal attacks on particular board-members after that, but I’d hardly call that a threat. If she had said she had a voodoo doll of his deceased mother and planned to use it to torture her in the afterlife, maybe, but that’s not what she said.

            I’m a homeowner, and an elected Republican precinct delegate, and I’ve made public comment at City Council meetings on several occasions and always read my home address into the record when I do so. I was a poll challenger on November 3rd, not at the TCF center, but at a precinct in my own city. Sure some of what the challengers who went down there say worries me, but the main impression I get is a complicated process run by a lot of people, some of whom had been given conflicting instructions, not a scripted conspiracy to produce tens of thousands of fraudulent votes.

            And the affidavits taken as a whole tend to bear that out. Patrick Colbeck complained that a worker wouldn’t follow his instructions to hover over an icon and display more information about the network connectivity at one of the computers, But in Exhibit 3 page 13, which is page 2 of the Andrew J MIller affidavit, he writes,

            “I saw roughly 24 computers on November 3, 2020 and every computer I saw had a red error messages [sic] in the lower right-hand corner saying ‘update overdue.’ Additionally, not all of the computers indicated the correct time, with some being off by approximately 5 hours.”

            If anything, that’s evidence that the computers in question were properly disconnected from the Internet, hence the check-for-update process had not been able to connect to Microsoft.

            Like I said I was a poll challenger, but I didn’t get my credential until 6:55 AM the morning of the election. Some of the challengers who went to TCF center were recruited via Facebook in the middle of the day. As far as I can tell, no one who submitted an affidavit had attended the pre-election walkthrough.

        • PK
          Posted at 22:30h, 02 December Reply

          Being a partisan idiot is fun for you, eh ANON?

          • Anon
            Posted at 13:50h, 04 December

            Not Partisan. Just smart enough to admit that Trump has failed at everything he has ever done and that his Presidency was just for his own personal benefit.

  • Denise D Myers
    Posted at 00:08h, 16 January Reply

    The American people need to have a reelection with paper ballots and signatures mailed in to perhaps a government seat by a certain date with a copy of a drivers license to verify who they are. If not this, then the American people want to know even more of the evidence included in these court cases in order for them to have any confidence in the election process.

    • Cam
      Posted at 03:57h, 19 January Reply

      You are free to read any of the litany of court opinions after Trump losses in various states, many of which were scathing either to Trump’s team or Powell.

      It’s interesting that it’s been 1-1/2 months since this article was posted and most of the things listed in it have been debunked or rectified. Many of Trump’s “experts” such as Russ Ramsland have fed bogus stats and allegations into the public record. Yet Colbeck is still pushing the same disproven canards including ones about Dominion, the types of falsehoods that are getting Trump cronies sued left and right.

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