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July 22, 2024

Bonnie Kurowski’s fabricated sworn statement in Florida Court –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 15, 2020

Lake Co., FL. (ECWd) –

Editor’s note 4-22-2023:  We updated this article with new photos.

During our diligent research on Bonnie Kurowski, a failed candidate for Bolingbrook Mayor, failed trademark filer, faux hard-hitting news reporter, and diligent frivolous complaint threatener and filer, one of the google results were of an attempt at gaining a stalking order against a Florida woman who lives in the same Home Owners Association complex as Bonnie – within that court filing is a gold-mine of information indicating that Kurowski is not who she puts herself out to be.

After we wrote about Kurowski’s sudden involvement in DuPage Township politics, and her use of her employer’s email address for FOIA requests, she filed a police complaint in Clermont, FL. alleging that “MZ” has been “following her accounts on Facebook” – how she knows who looks at her accounts on Facebook, we have no idea. All it takes is blocking a person to put an end to it.

Within a couple of days, Kurowski also filed a complaint for a stalking order against her neighbor, “MZ”, in the Lake County, Florida, Circuit Court. Her attempt at obtaining an emergency order was denied by the Judge, citing “not sufficient factual basis” to enter an emergency (temporary) order.

A hearing was scheduled for December 9, 2020, and we had two freelance reporters in the Lake County, Florida, Courthouse to attend that hearing. Kurowski did not appear, with “running a fever” as the cited reason. Incidentally, a week later she indicated in a Facebook post that she did not appear because she wanted to ensure all parties were involved. So we ask, which is it? She had a fever? – or she wanted to make sure all parties were involved? It is becoming obvious to us that truth-telling is not one of her strong attributes.

Kurowski’s “proof” of online cyberstalking includes her sworn statement to the followingour comments are underlined after her statements:

  • between Sep 1 and Nov 18 [“MZ”] was in contact with my employer, the website, the people employed with, and the companies online presence to attempt to cause me a job loss. “Questioning my employment, position, duties, and supplying fabricated info on me” – a previous article we wrote indicates that we contacted her employer for comments on an article we wrote during that time-frame. We also contacted them again for further comments which we have not written about yet.
  • between Sep 1 and Nov 18 [“MZ”] was in contact with online media sites for my second job in Illinois, reporters sites, and political affiliates about me, in attempts to discredit me and my reputation as a Doctor and worker “joining the websites, FB sites, commenting, calling people” – there was no proof within the filed documents that this ever happened.
  • Nov 16th she was cyberstalking my LinkedIn account, looking at my personal information – Looking at someone’s LinkedIn account is not cyberstalking, the information is out there for the public to read.
  • I filed a third police report on 11-20-2020 for cyberstalking and harassing – the filed police report does not complain about cyberstalking or harassment
  • Five years ago I filed a cease and desist order for the same behavior – a person does not “file” a cease and desist “order” – a cease and desist letter is simply a letter asking another party to quit doing something that you believe they should not be doing
  • over 5 years she has tried to use false information to defame me
  • I’ve asked her multiple times to stop cyberstalking and harassing me over five years
  • as a Top Secret DoD employee, my company has monitored her and deems her a high-level security risk” – see our lengthy comment on this below
  • She not only cyberstalks me, she has my HOA cite me with false information. When I bring my RV to my house, bylaws say I have 3 days. She reports it as being there 3 days on the first day. She reports my grass, weeds, etc. even not justified – so now the truth appears to surface, that she is upset with how she perceives the HOA is treating her
  • This lady has a sick obsession with me and my family and now my employment. She will stop at nothing. I am afraid of her violence as well as her level of harassment and cyberstalking daily escalating over 5 years – we would consider claiming that she “monitored” “MZ” and that her company “deemed her a high level security risk” as a sick obsession of Kurowski’s, especially when she tries supporting that claim by falsely indicating she [Kurowski] is a “Top Secret DoD employee” – again, we found no evidence of any violence in MZ’s records.

For the record – no proof of any of the above was presented or available in Kurowski’s sworn statement.

Kurowski claims employment at JHT (Orlando) and Citizens for a Better Bolingbrook (Bolingbrook, IL.) Facebook Group. We seriously doubt a Facebook group employs her, but do know she works for JHT.

Also within the Complaint for stalking, Kurowski checked the box to indicate “MZ” has a criminal history involving violence or the threat of violence. We have researched this through-out the state of Florida and cannot find any criminal history on “MZ”, let alone criminal history involving violence or a threat of violence.

Kurowski signed her name, under penalty of perjury, that the statements she made were true and correct.


As for Kurowski’s claim that “as a Top Secret DoD employee, my company has monitored her and deems her a high level security risk” – we have a letter from JHT’s legal team, denying all of it.

According to JHT (read their letter below, or here):

  • Kurowski is not a “Top Secret DoD employee”
  • Kurowski is not employed by DoD
  • JHT has not monitored “MZ” at any time
  • JHT has not deemed her a high-level security risk as alleged in the petition
  • JHT has never heard of “MZ” until they received this letter of inquiry

Some of the back-history on this is that Kurowski had filed two separate complaints alleging the HOA held illegal meetings, etc., but both were dismissed and Kurowski was ordered to pay the HOA’s legal fees (see pages 3 and 4). She also filed for a trademark on the HOA name, then immediately started sending out cease and desist notices demanding people quit using the name or pay her a fee for its use. The HOA objected and the name was taken from Kurowski in a harshly worded determination.

The rescheduled Hearing is set for February 16, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. in Lake County, Florida, Court

Response letter re_ JHT_Kurowski_Redacted


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  • Ang
    Posted at 16:33h, 15 December Reply

    This woman is scary. There’s someone like that in a local neighborhood who went through one of those Citizen Police Academy courses (along with another lady who believes in ghosts and calls herself a “paranormal investigator”). She has been known to call the cops on a door the wind likely blew open on some vacant house, followed someone down their own street and then was heard on her cellphone just freaking out that people were “by the Fire Station” by a liquor store (there had been crime by the liquor store and weiro looking men not in any uniform in the area, so real neighborhood watchers were looking to ensure no shady characters were selling drugs or something).
    She creeps the living daylights out of people, but has never risen to the level of disturbance or disruption aside from spreading rumors with some drunk guy down the street.

    DO NOT ENGAGE these types of people. If you’ve ever managed, you’ll have been trained to nor engage or escalate anything with people like that.

    That said, the Watchdogs should not be giving this person any ink. It’s a huge mistake.

    Just sayin’

    • PK
      Posted at 17:25h, 15 December Reply

      I’ll second that.

  • No Bonnie
    Posted at 05:00h, 16 December Reply

    Crazy doesn’t describe her. And the people that brought her back to Bolingbrook have lied and manipulated this already clearly deranged lady. Selfish individuals. They won’t stop until someone is hurt. So sad.

  • Ang
    Posted at 12:16h, 16 December Reply

    Just to add to this thread, BE CAREFUL about antagonizing someone like this. Illinois has an amended Human Rights Act (disclaimer: layperson speaking here, not a lawyer or posing as one). It covers employment and housing and in the workplace, even “perceived” types of discrimination (perceived disability discrimination, for example).

    The fact that she is bickering within a HOA and citing her employment is concerning (aside from that she sounds delusional, having personally had to manage a few of these and learning it is not legally easy to get rid of them). The minute people start communicating they perceive a mental disability, you better walk on eggshells as an employer.

    Keep spending ink antagonizing this woman and I predict she will file and file complaints until something finally sticks.

    Unless she’s using the squeaky wheel gets the grease strategy with complaints, except the “top secret DoD” comment just kind of screams that she may have a perceived disability. Why the Watchdogs plan on further antagonizing by spending ink on her (well, text in the internet age, actually) is befuddling. You are asking for trouble if she finally finds some piece of spaghetti to throw at the wall and it actually sticks). Just sayin’

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