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June 17, 2024

Video: Peoria: 13 Shot at Riverfront Party, more than 100 rounds fired –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 19, 2020

Peoria, IL. (ECWd) –

We received video of the shooting, and the fight started just prior to the shooting in Peoria early Sunday morning. It was during a party where at least 200 people were present.

In the video you can clearly hear at least 100 rounds being fired.

ABC wrote a short piece on this fight and shooting where 13 people were shot during a party on the Peoria Riverfront (here).

Video of the shooting is below – what is shows is the shooting (mainly hearing gunshots), then the fight that may have precipitated the shootings:


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  • Rory Steidl
    Posted at 16:38h, 19 July Reply

    How many times have we seen this crap before? It’s the same ingredients, same recipe’….

  • Dave
    Posted at 16:41h, 19 July Reply

    Acts of the uncivilized, the supply of stupid is never ending!

  • Gig48
    Posted at 18:52h, 19 July Reply

    These animals choose their behavior and we’re supposed to look the other way or feel sad for them. I don’t feel sad for them. I’m sick of the double standards. Peoria may become the next Chitcago and it’s because of these culprits.

    • cad
      Posted at 21:53h, 19 July Reply

      I love that ‘Chitcago’ I’ll have to steal that name!

    • Drea
      Posted at 07:54h, 20 July Reply

      Peoria Riverfront has many cameras all along it. I’m betting dollars to donuts it was a BLM “protest” that turned into a party that then turned violent. People are unsettled by Tyrant Pritzkers actions. This is the result of monotony and a draconian lockdown of healthy people. Peoria Police know what happened. Will they tell the truth? Or will they support Pritzkers narrative? Because in short order this makes both Pritzker and Ardis look incompetent and ignorant. Why hadn’t the police dispersed a public “party”? Because it was a BLM protest and they were afraid of being called racist.

  • Tracey Baker
    Posted at 18:54h, 19 July Reply

    Come on! Where’s the social distancing people?

    • cad
      Posted at 21:51h, 19 July Reply

      Thanks for the good laugh!

  • Tom Jones
    Posted at 21:29h, 19 July Reply

    NRA terrorism continues. Gun sales profits increase exponentially.

    • cad
      Posted at 21:52h, 19 July Reply

      If everybody was armed, it is unlikely that one person would be able to pump out 100 shots.

    • John Kraft & Kirk Allen
      Posted at 10:55h, 20 July Reply

      we doubt any of the shooters were member of the NRA, so you point is false

    • HT
      Posted at 00:02h, 21 July Reply

      So you know the statistics of legal gun owners pretty well? What’s the gun crime rate due to those NRA members? Where do you think those “youths” get their guns? How many of those do you think have any license to carry any firearms? How many of those partiers have criminal records?

      Repeating the same stupid BS to a five-year old may work for a couple of years. When a kid can do arithmetic and have true education, your BS will be laughed at.

  • Robert E. Lee
    Posted at 22:37h, 19 July Reply

    More negro mayhem, what;s new?

  • Greg
    Posted at 14:36h, 21 July Reply

    The gutless chief of police refuses to call it gang violence. She called it “Group Violence” Everyone knows it black on black but no one has the balls to call it that!

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