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June 17, 2024

FOX2 Reporter Elliott Davis captures video of stabbing suspect running thru St. Louis Airport

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 9, 2020

St. Louis, MO. (ECWd) –

Elliot Davis, Investigative Reporter for FOX-2 News in St. Louis, was conducting a live Facebook stream when a man was spotted running towards him, and past him, when another man ran around the corner shouting “Stop him! He just stabbed my friend.”

You can watch the saved -Facebook livestream at Elliott Davis’s Facebook page (here – go to about 30 seconds from the end of the video) – Davis immediately ended the livestream in order to call 911 and report the stabbing.

His follow-up Facebook Live to explain it (here).

Apparently, this person just walked up behind some people in the airport and stabbed one of them before running off.

Victim is at the hospital and will be OK.

Suspect still at large.




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