Paris: Casualty of Gov Pritzker’s orders leaves special “Thank You” note –


A Paris business recently closed for good after Governor Pritzker’s ordered non-essential business shutdown because of the COVID-19 emergency.

On leaving, they left a special Thank You note to the Governor:

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  1. To the guy who said “vote for Trump again you Idiots” Wow.. I didn’t know Trump was governor of Illinois!! That’s amazing!! Indiana is opening early. Indiana’s economy is now booming under a Republican governor. So Democrat Governor… Illinois is failing… Republican… Indiana is doing well… Nuff said. It’s not that hard.

  2. Found an underground bar open tonight! Is this what it was like going to a speak-easy during prohibition? Fun!!! Hope you all keep looking and hope you get the password. Stay hopeful, prohibition was eventually repealed.

  3. Folks, just move out of failed Illinois. If you don’t, say goodbye to freedom and prosperity for the rest of your lives and your children’s lives. There is no possible way to get out from underneath the unconstitutional democraps in Illinois. The state could tax your income at 25% for the next one hundred years and never pay off its debt. Vote with your feet.

  4. This won’t be a witty comment, but a realized one. What happens when a company buys a smaller one that is failing? It is raided for all that is valuable before it fails and then run into bankruptcy. Prickster is leaning to buy at a discount, and bilk into bankruptcy. You can bet his acquisitions from Illinois will be fulfilling though. His hotel chain was just bailed out by the stimulus bill. You got $1200 dollars, Hyatt hotels got far more.

  5. its in a location that no one has made it going all the way back to the the origanal car lot tell how many businesses have been there in 50 years do your research

  6. Today, 60% of small businesses in Illinois cannot reopen. Based on the Pritzker plan to reopen Illinois, it is fair to say that 86% of Illinois small businesses will be at risk or not able to reopen in the future. The Pritzker strategy should be clear to all. Cut off all revenues, stop paying bills, stop paying pensions and unemployment benefits, and rely on the federal government for a 50 billion dollar bailout out for the dead beat state of Illinois. And when Pritzker doesn’t get a bailout from DC, he’ll blame everyone besides himself. Business in Illinois is finished, all by the hands of a Governor that is clueless.

  7. Though I know better than to think no other small businesses will fall due to this unconstitutional shutdown, I hope this gives other mom & pop’s and smaller businesses the courage to stand up to the dictatorship we now find ourselves in. Probably should stop at that. The contempt I have for this administation will only lead me to use words that will get me kicked off ECW.

  8. This is a travesty – one of thousands I am sure. They may have been better off to stay open in defiance and hope that WE would come and support them in our own show of defiance. Any businesses out there on the edge, who have nothing to lose, who will decide to stay open in an attempt to survive?

    I know it isn’t Illinois but the Texas Supreme Court today ordered the release of the beautician jailed in Dallas for staying open. When she was given the opportunity stay out of jail by admitting she was selfish and promising to keep her salon closed, she refused.

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