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The IDPH Emergency Rule is being repealed by IDPH.


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  1. Thank you for your patience! IDPH left with it’s tail between it’s legs! No vote necessary, IDPH repealed the rule!

  2. Did I hear correctly? The order is “REPEALED”??? The meeting is over now, lasting all of about 5 minutes! What’s going on?

  3. They are starting to realize that 42 1983 AND 18 242 are real and absolutely enforceable against sitting legislators. Pritzkers Overreach is now making MadAgain smile with Glee as the Hot Potato is right back in the Gov’s corrupt hands. Of course, he will love to see it go on over the the Judges’ hands, who will in turn toss it right back to MadAgain.

    Why The Stalling Gents? Ya think you can stall all the way to November? Lololz. Eat it Pritzker. Ya went too far and everyone is gonna make you own it….ANOTHER Governor sent to Prison…and that place has plenty of toilets that won’t be removed any time soon. MadAgain will get his growth and do it with another person’s hands being dirty. That is what he has done for decades, and we are watching it play out again. The Chicago Way.

    The question is, when will Illinoisans decide they have indeed had enough?

  4. This is what I am getting: As of 12:22, even State Representatives we have spoken with have no idea why the meeting has not begun. We are doing our best to figure out what is going on.

    As of 12:52 the “Live Feed” has ended. Might be an indication the meeting is canceled or moved. We will keep you up to date on this meeting.

  5. My video stopped and said that it ended 48 minutes ago, click to replay. I did and now I am getting the empty room again. Did we miss something or has it really not started yet? They could at least give updates as to what is causing the delay.

  6. What happens if some members don’t show up? Is it then a quorum or do matters get shelved or rescheduled?

  7. Typical of our “Leadership”: Late in taking action to Set up a Meeting on this “Emergency”, and now..They are Late to the meeting that they were late setting up in the first place.

    Saddest part is: They are STILL getting Paid for not doing their job!

  8. They don’t work due to virus which makes sense but still get paid the past 2 months and the 1st meeting that they return is late. That’s pretty disgusting! What is that telling us?

  9. Interesting that of the 77 entities that fall under today’s JCAR Emergency extensions into Aug and Sept, it is safe for 2 of them “Sports Wagering” to reopen for business on April 22nd and May 16th.

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