Gov Pritzker and IDPH issue COVID-19 Emergency Rule –


The new Emergency Rule is below, dated May 18, 2020.

This is the Rule everyone has been talking about the past couple of days.

Emergency Rule


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  1. I am not too good with legalese. Does this mean he can keep Illinois shut down at his discretion until the virus ends? (Forever)

  2. What you are seeing is the actions of a spoiled child having a tantrum when told no

    How is this any more legal than indefinitely extended a 30 day window

    I didn’t think a state agency has authority to put into place an emergency rule that applies to anyone not employed by that agency

  3. Upon receipt and choice of recipient, IDPH has a court hearing local to the jurisdiction of each and every recipients’ choice…in 48 hours?

    • PS: Good grief! The document does not communicate the Governor’s phased plan nor is there a regional provision. By these ommissions and document footer (PROTECTING HEALTH, IMPROVING LIVES) the communication seems intent to simply overwhelm others.

  4. Where is the due process part of the IDPH’s epidemic protocol??? Where is the least punative requirement indicated in this “ruling”?? Can’t even follow their own law…

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