School District stimulus funds – check your district here –


The Illinois State Board of Education has published a spreadsheet which shows the estimated/tentative amount of CARE Act funding each school district should receive in Illinois.

In the spreadsheet, you can sort by County or by School District to find out an estimate of funding that will go to your school district in support of expenses incurred because of the national emergency:

OPEN IT HERE:  Est-Prelim-CARES-Act-Emergency-Relief-LEA-Allocations-3-31-20

As an example, for Edgar County schools:

  • Paris Union SD #95 should receive $358,116
  • Crestwood CUSD #4 – $69,901
  • Kansas CUSD #3 – $32,820
  • Shiloh CUSD # 1 – $104,545
  • Chrisman (Edgar County CUD #6) – $52,284

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  1. Did the Democrats put this in the Bill? Does the President have to allocate these funds when all is said and done? I agree, these school districts in Illinois have a spending problem not a revenue problem. Overpaid Teachers, Grossly overpaid Administrators and far too many of them. They are not being impacted much at all by this financially. If they laid off teacher aids and some non-union personnel this money should be used to pay their salaries if anything, but those salaries are the low-hanging fruit and do not amount to much of their overall spending.

    • Sorry Mags, there’s nothing in the news article about problems spending nor is there any mention of expenses districts have. E-learning is probably on the uptic though.

  2. Wow! Half a billion of federal money going to the Illinois Education System? What are we doing here people? Not a single dime going to help the businesses or home owners of Illinois.

  3. Just a question. Why are schools getting more fed money. There expenses should be down and income same?