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June 15, 2024

IDPH now asking for more detailed hospital bed information on COVID-19 cases.

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 25, 2020

Illinois (ECWd) –

Yesterday we published this article regarding which numbers to trust coming from the Governor and the State.  There are plenty of questions not getting answered, and considering we are seeing governments trample people’s rights during this State emergency declaration, we must demand transparency.

The Illinois Department of Public Health Emergency Operations Center has issued the following request.

Subject: Increased Bed Reporting and Query of Information for the COVID-19 Response

Starting Monday along with regular bed availability reporting in EmResource, please begin recording the following additional information in the Statewide COVID-19 event tab

  • Total number of PUIs (Persons Under Investigation) currently in an ICU bed
  • Total number of PUIs (Persons Under Investigation) currently on a ventilator
  • Total number of COVID19 patients currently on ventilators
  • Total number of COVID19 patients currently in an ICU bed
  • Respirators on hand (# of individual masks)
  • Gloves on hand (# of pairs)
  • Gowns on hand (# of gowns)
  • Eye protection on hand (# individual pieces)
  • Number of patients admitted with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in the previous calendar day
  • Number of COVID19 patient deaths in your hospital in the previous calendar day
  • Is the hospital using a remote or off-site triage unit today?
  • Are you currently holding inpatient admissions in your ED?
  • How many COVID19 specimens were collected in the previous calendar day?
  • Are you currently performing IN-HOUSE lab testing for COVID19 (not simply collecting specimens to send off-site)? The following 5 questions apply only if the answer is yes:
  1. What is your in-house lab capacity to test COVID19 specimens?
  2. How many COVID19 specimens did your lab process in-house in the previous calendar day?
  3. How many specimens processed in-house in the previous calendar day were positive?
  4. What brand(s) of equipment are you using to conduct COVID19 testing?
  5. What is the quantity of reagent on hand for each brand of testing equipment that you listed in response to the previous question?
    Brand 1
    Brand 2
    Brand 3
    Brand 4
    All other brands
  6. Are you working to expand testing capacity? If so, what are your barriers?

It appears the IDPH Emergency Operations Center has recognized the need to gather more information.  We urge them to include detailed reporting related to how many patients are currently hospitalized, released, and recovered.  Knowing those numbers will help to educate the citizens of the state as to what the real impact is vs. speculations.

Thank you to all the Emergency Operations people on the front lines during this situation.

A copy of the IDPH request for more data can be downloaded at this link nor viewed below.


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