Illinois State Rep. Lilly wants to make it illegal to pump your own gas –

Springfield, IL. (ECWd) –

As if the Illinois Legislature has nothing better to do…

Illinois State Representative Camille Lilly filed House Bill 4571 on February 5, 2020, which would make it illegal for any person to pump their own gas at a gas station in Illinois.

Creates the Gas Station Attendant Act. Provides that no gas may be pumped at a gas station in this State unless it is pumped by a gas station attendant employed at the gas station. Effective January 1, 2021.”

“Amazing” is the only word that comes to mind which is also fit to print.

“Oregon and New Jersey are the only two states that ban self-service gas stations. But thanks to a new law that went into effect on January 1, customers can now pump their own gas in Oregon, though only at stand-alone gas stations in counties with fewer than 40,000 residents. Elsewhere, the ban still holds.” (Forbes)

If you think this is crazy, read Part II.

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  1. More batteries in the landfills. Smart move Dumbocrates. You can balance the budget with lowering spending but you want to tell everyone how to live, what to eat, what doctors they can see, what car to drive, now leaf blowers, and gas stations can only pump our gas. Yeah, sure you are not socialist…you are correct, you are Communist.

  2. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. ” – RR

  3. Illinoisans…”when my money’s right I’m leaving this shithole”
    Democrats…”tax them more so they cant afford to leave”

    • she probably doesn’t know what a frigging kitchen is! I am 62 yrs old & cook every day after working & I still like to go camping in a tent & cook on a fire. “PROBABLY” the next thing they will to ban !

  4. I’m going to mention a comment made in Wirepoints recently. The writer discussed that people might want to stay in Illinois. Perhaps because soon the State of Illinois will have to support tax reform. The State is going completely
    broke. There’s no streams of revenue and how long and ho much can property taxes be raised?
    People are leaving. This goofy idea of throwback to the Seventies? Just another example of an elected official completely out of touch with the voters? Remember the Soda Tax? How did that work?


    • How about we vote all the Dems out. Just look at the people leaving and the state of our finances. Pritzker already enacted over 20 new taxes. Wake up all you die hard Dems

    • dang, I live in Sandwich Illinois and when the wind blows from the north east it starts to really stink more here than the farms here do !!!

  5. Are you out of your mind. Only a democrat female would dream up something so stupid. I have more things to do than wait for someone to gas up my car and pay more to have this done. Its time to abolish the Democrat party.

  6. Another typical moronic bill from our idiotic legislature. We have the worst credit rating and the most unfunded pension liabilities in all 50 states and they’re worried that people are too stupid to pump there own gas! Unbelievable! Also if you think our gas prices won’t go up you’re wrong! Vote no!

  7. If our has is pumped for us how do we pay? I will not give credit card to someone, not cash. So I still have to get out ,go in,pay for it myself, and return to my car. That may take a few minutes of times. Seems like they could think another way to entertain us.

  8. That’s insane n costly. Whats next? No ATM n hire more tellers to get our money. We got to stop voting these nutty people in office. And BTW New Jersey is a very poor example of how to run a state but then again either is Illinois because we keep voting the very same people destroying things. Ca, NY n our state are leading the way to high taxes n with nothing to sjow for it n Chicago is taxing everything that moves n speaking of that, people are moving.

  9. Rep. Lilly and her supporters (if any) will probably back off on this notion. BUT the Springfield taxers may yet identify another lucrative fund raising scheme. How about this? If you want to pump your own gas, you will need a license to do so. We could set up annual testing to ensure that drivers safely and carefully understand the complexities of gas pumping. A $15 annual license (with picture) would be required. By year three this fee could undoubtedly be increased to $25 or $30. This will provide jobs for the state approved license testers and administrators while raising much needed funds to meet ever increasing pension requirements. Without question, a definite win-win.

    • … But of course the money generated from all the licensing and testing fees will be given to the legislators who then vote for their own raises. What’s the problem?

  10. We also shouldn’t be permitted to carry our own groceries to our cars, park our own cars at commercial businesses, or wash our own cars. Come to think of it, we shouldn’t be able to mow our own lawns, rake our own leaves or shave our own faces (or any other body parts) either. We need state-licensed professionals for all these tasks, otherwise we’re bound to hurt ourselves performing them. Please protect me from myself and make me pay others to ensure my safety against everyday life.

    • You forgot wipe your own ass, wash your own hands, operate your own tv remote, fix your own meals, do your own laundry, we could go on all day.

  11. She’s an overpaid, out-of-touch, entitled politician who can’t see dirtying her own hands pumping her own gasoline! VOTE HER OUT!

  12. Why?? All is well and good. Why chang this? Go back to attendants. Sometimes you can’t find a space to pump your own. Bring back lines and wait for an attendant? Seems ridiculous!

  13. Really, literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, so what IS wrong with pumping your own gas, literally everyone knows how to pump their own gas, we are all used to it, and “Lilly” decides to ban self pump gas, for no reason, what reaction will everyone have? Probably negative. Everyone will complain. Another question whos gonna pay the gas


  15. We are really paying for this legislation Do our lawmakers think that the more their name is on E-Mail this makes them more justified to hold their position in our government She also needs to go away

  16. We need a petition against this garbage form of legislation, it would be great.. need to send a message to special needs politicians like this.. absolutely ridiculous. Just one more reason to get the heck out of Illinois

  17. Are you gonna ban us from wiping our own asses too? My god people if you want people to stay in Illinois make them happy, not make them hate their environment.

  18. She’s a fing idiot maybe she’s afraid to break a fake nail or just to to busy on her phone to pump her own gas I’m sure her fat ass could use the exercise

  19. That’s because she might break a fake nail or lose a fake eyelash if she had to get out of her car and who else could she blame if something would go wrong

  20. What…no more glow plugs?

    The hearbeat to HB 4571’s efficacy claim, albeit real or perceived, would equalize motor fuel tax rates by January 1, 2021 or risk descending federal emissions standards AND enacting a law amounting to less than Oregon’s. As read on the house floor, it’s decidedly missing more than a few bones.

    • Okay, I just pictured Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s alumni Spicoli, a bit longer in the tooth, stopped at a convenience store in Portland, Oregon. He’s driving a Cali baked ’64 VW bus en route to catch some totally awesome waves at Westport. He’s been driving on fumes since Salem and finally had to stop for gas.

      Spicoli pulls up to an open spot at the center island, parks and immediately gets out and begins to pump his own gas. Mr. Hand’s protégé, now a gas station attendant, is servicing a late model A3 parked at the diesel island adjacent to Spicoli’s VW, and is presently washing the A3’s back up camera lens. In that instant, he drops the squeegee, grabs the bucket of window washing fluid and leaps a body slide over the hood of the A3 landing feet first and in one fell swoop lunges the bucket’s contents at Spicoli’s head.

      Spicoli, trying desperately not to look like Clark Griswold’s brother-in-law Eddy, lets the extinguished joint drop from his lips exclaiming to the gas station attendant: “Dude, what’s your problem!”

  21. I have pumped my own gas for 30 years. I’ve never screwed it up. Does she think some 16 year old twit will have the same track record? Don’t worry Lilly, I already have a legal caravan of people planning to emigrate from this hell hole state. To one where we can pump our own gas like big boys and girls.

    • U can bet they wont let a 16 year old do it he would have to be 21 u know
      That is one of the stupid laws I ever heard of

  22. Really we are worried about someone pumping our gas now? What happens when the snow flake scratches my car or spills gas on it, who’s paying for that repair? DUMBEST LAW EVER…
    These leftists have nothing better do to with our tax dollars,… ugh. Makes me ill to even live here anymore.

  23. And don’t the general public complaine over little shit like your petty Wal-Mart check out lanes.
    What in the hell do you think it will be like at a gas station?

  24. Looks like I’ll be driving the 15 minutes over to Indiana to be able to pump my own gas, she can shove that pump nozzle up her ass! …or I guess she’ll have to have the attendant do it.

  25. I don’t know if people in Edgar county NEED to have their gas pumped by a “professional”. I know that I DON’T!! Not only will I contact her, I will be contacting my local rep to make sure they DO NOT vote this idiotic Bill into Law.

    • But her constituents do need someone to pump their fuel. They simply lack the intelligence to do so by themselves. This fact is made evident by their voting choices.

  26. She, along WITH ALL DEMOCRATS are NUTS! This is what happens when you elect stinking Democrats!!

    • I agree that this is rediculous! But… c’mon u cant b serious to start that “this what happens when u elect democrats” crap! You finger pointing babies do I have to remind you that the reason for all these new taxes is bc your REPUBLICAN Gov Rauner whined for 2 yrs about getting his way that he thought it was fine to veto a state budget for 3yrs and ran our state financial straight into the ground! Driving our state into a $16 billion deficit and our financial rating to Junk and the first state to ever be downgraded to that status. It took a group of Republicans to undermine him and work with democrats to override his 3rd year veto or who knows where we would’ve ended up?! Nobody likes all the new and higher taxes but remember next time you want to throw your typical shade on the left that this is all bc of your past Republican Gov. Pssh … stfu and get outta here with this b.s.

        • Don’t forget John Cullerton. With super majorities in both houses and a transplanted Californian in the Governors mansion, we taxpayers are in for a rough ride. Pete T has activated my BS allergy.

  27. You must be stupid this state is already taxing us wants twice but now they going to do three times on gas taxes. This state is already going to make a lot of money on marijuana taxes. Don’t force our gas station on is to hire people to pump our gas. We are fine right now doing it ourselves

  28. I would leave a “witty” comment but I have none for this absolutely idiotic “Representative” of this asinine state in which just keeps finding new ways to sink even lower and lower giving me all that much more incentive to move out!!!!

  29. Isn’t gas’s high enough with the double tax that’s going to be applylied soon. Now you want us to pay for an an attendant to pump it?
    What is wrong with you Lillie, are you afraid to get your hands dirty? Doesn’t anybody in government in Illinois know what they are doing to this state?
    It used to be a nice state to live in. Now however with our new governor in office he and all the members of the government are bankrupting this state. People are moving out! Then what are you going to do? Pump your own gas?

    • Oh yes, just our new governor, not a fan either. Perhaps the issues could date back to the ones that are doing prison time. This BS didn’t happen over night!

    • Uhhhhh yeah…. dont think it’s this govenor that is or trying to bankrupt our state!! In fact he is doing the opposite and trying to save our state from the $16 billion dollar deficit that Gov. Rauner was responsible for when he thought his stubbornness for 3yrs was more important than our state having a budget! Yes all the taxes suck but dont blame Pritzker

  30. Illinois is in the toilet and Lilly wants a law against us pumping gas. Is she trying to be funny? She can’t be in her right mind! Somebody need to slap her in the head, hoping to knock some common sense into her brainless head. This is in our Government for Illinois? No wonder Illinois is in a hopeless mess

  31. Why, why, why. Can the gas station attendant pump his own gas or does he have to wait for a shift change. Pay attendants ,price goes up,longer waits. Those days are long gone. Filler up,wash the windshield,check the oil and tires. Ain’t gonna happen

  32. Stupid ass law! Just one more nail in the coffin for Illinois!!!!!! I suggest she find a different occupation

  33. Legislating jobs never works out very well and that’s clearly being proposed here.

    Decades have been spent developing self service and pay at the pump technoligies in which to lower the cost of operating a gas station and thus lower the cost of fuel to the consumer.

    Does not this representative understand, that whatever it costs to pay this person, that cost will eventually flow to the consumer? We don’t need mandatory employment policies in Illinois, Russia does that already. It’s not the government’s job.

  34. Does this Silly little twit own a car? Or does she walk to and from work? Gas prices aren t expensive enough for her? Or she doesn’t pay for her own gas? I was Born and Raised in Chicago. And between Chicago politicians and Springfield Politicians I m embarrassed to say I live here!!!! Yesterday I read an article about Mayor Lightfoot wanting Bail reform. Oh Please! Can we make it any more easy for the criminal? At that point why have a police department at all?
    I can t wait to leave here.
    Witty enough?

  35. So how long after this would you see attendents go all union and prices go up per gallon?
    These people don’t do this seemingly stupid stuff for no reason.

  36. The Illinois constitution states government is created “in order to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the people; maintain a representative and orderly government.” Nowhere does it say state govt gets to make business decisions for businesses. Next that state rep will want to tell those businesses what they must pay the gas station attendant. Oh wait, that dictatorial policy already exists. The Commiecrats mission is to take freedom the people and make state govt King. Damn the people’s freedom is their credo

    • It will end up being a $15,00 an hour minimum wage job that will transform into more money at the pump.

      That is ridiculous.

      Stop chasing people out of the state with your nonsense.

    • Does anyone have this representatives emails adress? I think an email is a good start. To ask her what in the work she is thinking. Then share with her why she will not get re-elected.

      • She’s not likely to be able to read any emails anyway. But, this is the kind of government we can expect when sub-literate people are numerous in a particular area, and are able to vote.

    • Sounds like what Dave is saying is, “I’m a small business owner, and I would pay you less than minimum wage if it was allowed by law.”

      • Only in Illinois can they legalize pot and ban pumping your own gas. This state continues its plummet to the bottom of the bowl.

        • According to https://www.governing.com/gov-data/safety-justice/state-marijuana-laws-map-medical-recreational.html, Oregon legalized pot. Oregon also one of two states that has a ban on pumping your own gas.

          From the bottom of the bowl looking up to Representative Lilly’s public safety bill titled Gas Station Attendant Act, Oregon’s motor fuel tax rate is far better than Illinois motor fuel taxation. I’m also at the loss for why the Gas Station Attendant Act makes no mention of addressing public safety in the Illinois motor vehicle code and/or creating a better sense for hazards associated with pumping gas through updates to the Illinois driver education program and secretary of state’s drivers licensing procedures.