Bill introduced: No shotgunning pets with your wacky weed

Springfield (ECWd) –

The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act passed last year in Illinois as a bill that began as a pawn-broker stolen property bill, but was later gutted to make recreational marijuana a new law of our land with a party-line vote.

While a small percentage of Illinois residents celebrated marijuana legalization, it did not take long for the introduction of a new law due to its negative effects………….on animals.

HB 5621 – “(b) No person may knowingly allow an animal to ingest cannabis, including second-hand smoke, or cannabis-infused products in a way that results in the animal’s sickness or death.”

I guess second-hand marijuana smoke is OK for kids……?

Only in Illinois would legislatures pass a law for humans to smoke marijuana and then just months later propose legislation to protect animals from the very smoke they legalized for humans.

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  1. Strange that Rep. DeLuca didn’t find the Human Care for Animals Act appropriate to ammend. He could include alcohol in such an ammendment. There’s also a Paperwork Reduction Act gain to ammend rather add pages of data ink and blank space.

  2. Oh yeah, never mind the little kids who have to live in a house where this stuff is used, just make sure the pets don’t suffer!