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June 22, 2024

Lincoln-Way East High School Assoc Principal Petrakis resigned –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 16, 2020

Frankfort, IL. (ECWd) –

Alexander “Alex” Petrakis, Associate Principal at Lincoln-Way East High School, resigned his employment effective January 15, 2020.

We applaud him for doing the right thing.

The School Board vote was unanimous to accept the 5 resignations listed on the Agenda.

LincolnWay 2020-01-16 RESIGNATIONS REPORT

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  • sara
    Posted at 13:28h, 17 January Reply

    I hope you guys are happy for ruining someone’s life

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 13:31h, 17 January Reply

      We ruined nothing. Simply reported on a police report.

      • sara
        Posted at 13:36h, 17 January Reply

        you obviously dug up the information and didn’t find it out on your own

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 13:37h, 17 January Reply

          It was in the meeting agenda.

          • Sara
            Posted at 21:51h, 17 January

            Really?? Before you posted it? Why wasn’t it in an earlier agenda?

          • sara
            Posted at 12:24h, 18 January

            I’m not buying that. Some bitter person probably tipped you off

          • sara
            Posted at 14:57h, 18 January

            when I say that someone informed you of what happened I mean the original story of the DUI, not the resignation.

          • Homer
            Posted at 17:57h, 18 January

            Sarah they got a tip and probably a donation to check it out if he hadn’t resigned they would continue with articles until he did

          • jmkraft
            Posted at 19:04h, 18 January

            you are clueless

          • Homer
            Posted at 11:20h, 20 January

            Give me a clue as to how it went down then

    • Roger
      Posted at 15:35h, 18 January Reply

      The guilt you project belongs to the person who chose to drink and then chose to pick up AND use the car keys. Life presents many choices, the choices we make determines our future.

  • James J. Pancrazio
    Posted at 08:53h, 18 January Reply

    The school districts typically have very high ethical standards for teachers and administrators. This kind of conduct by teachers or school officials is treated harshly by school boards. There is an expectation that they will be role models and as a result when they don’t behave as such there are consequences. Preservice teachers in the process of certification receive an abundant amount of input about what it means to be a teacher. Not only are they expected to embody the role but also conform to community standards.

  • Five guys named Manny Moe and Jack
    Posted at 21:51h, 19 January Reply

    A BMW?

    Did it have one of them big a$$ chrome fart cannons hanging under the rear bumper? For high performance and noise?

    Did it have one of them thump thump buzz car stereo things? The kind that makes your house windows rattle when they drive down your street?

    Did it have some of that dark window tint?

    If it didn’t it could have had all that stuff!

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