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June 13, 2024

John Norton failed in attempt at removing Stalking Order against him –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 17, 2020

WILL Co. (ECWd) –

John Norton, former appointed Wesley Township Road Commissioner, ousted by the voters in 2017, filed a Motion to Reconsider the Plenary Order of Protection granted against him last fall.

It is forever recorded that Norton has a Stalking No Contact Order against him and signed by a Judge. It expires on October 23, 2020 at 5 p.m. unless Petitioner is granted an extension.

Norton’s Hearing was at 2 p.m. in Will County Courtroom 100, on January 16, 2020.

In the Hearing on Norton’s Motion to Reconsider, Norton talked for about 30 minutes of painful rambling, touching on the following subjects:

  • Norton wanted a continuance for a couple weeks to receive an AG’s opinion on the handicap parking spot at the township (keep in mind that he is (allegedly) the person who installed the handicap sign at the township)
  • the Court stipulated that it was not relevant, did not grant a continuance, and that for the purposes of this Motion, the parking spot is not in compliance with state law (even though it has nothing to do with the OP). Proceed with Motion.
  • Norton continued complaining about the parking spot, complained of an ongoing legal battle with “us”
  • Norton brought up Cindy’s case and complained about others
  • Said he had no intention of parking there and the pics provided at a previous hearing were black and white and grainy
  • attempted at showing a “pattern of behavior” directed againt him
  • brought up his new (and frivolous) lawsuit against certain people and says they will be getting served today
  • says Kraft is part of it and Allen will get summoned in court
  • says he is ex-military and used to work for the FCC
  • complains about social media and attacks on him
  • says his wife died in a traffic accident (years ago) and he is still fighting that in two countries
  • says he doesn’t play mind games
  • cites current political climate and Trump impeachment
  • says ECWd spurs people on
  • says “she” is one of the participants in this case
  • admits to his foul language
  • again talks about a pattern
  • says common denominator is petitioner’s attorney and watchdogs
  • says none of this costs him any money anyways
  • complains about petitioner not having to show or prove any employment history
  • says he was granted a fee waiver in another court on another case
  • says his only income is federal retirement and VA benefits and that none of it counts because he doesn’t have to file it for Illinois income tax
  • wants to know who is paying petitioner’s attorney
  • says probably pro bono and backed up by ECWd
  • circles back to the parking spot again
  • he found it offensive that he would have to find case-law and offensive that other attorney included case-law in his answer
  • says he is not abusing the process and told the Judge thanks for helping him in his other case with this attorney
  • said he would use that info (from the Judge) against this attorney in another case
  • petitioner’s response has a lot of language and words he is still learning about
  • says 9th circuit stated you cannot go into court with too much evidence
  • apologizes for his rambling
  • says he was denied rights under the CPA

After approximately 30 minutes, opposing attorney resting on his previously written answer.

In denying Norton’s Motion, the Court stated that this court would never cross the line to infringe on people’s rights to participate in government or attend meetings, and that just as Norton has those rights, the watchdogs are media and the free press has the same rights as Norton does. The Court continued that it is absolutely vital that press attend courtrooms and meetings and that this court would never consider prohibiting it.

Motion DENIED – Plenary Stalking No Contact Order remains in effect.

We have ordered the transcripts and will publish them upon receipt.
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  • Dave
    Posted at 13:48h, 17 January Reply

    Be nice if he would serve some cheese with all that whine…. Why does he expect a judge to ignore his unlawful behavior?

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