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June 18, 2024

Shameless solicitation for Donations –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 26, 2019

ECWd –

As another productive year ends, we wish to thank all those who donated to us this past year.

We will publish a “Year in Review” video next week noting our local government accountability activities in 2019.

Your generous donations went to a good and noble cause; local government accountability.

Each and every dollar donated helps to further our stated mission of “fostering accountability, truth, and transparency in local governments

Our expenses include:

  • travel expenses to public meetings, such as vehicle insurance, fuel, maintenance, food, and rarely a hotel stay when another meeting is in the same area the following day.
  • website expenses such as web hosting, email accounts, mobile hotspots for internet access.
  • office expenses such as paper, ink, FOIA costs, printer, software subscriptions.

Some of our activities this year, other than our investigative reporting, include:

  • quashing multiple subpoenas from Algonquin Township for our information and sources.
  • quashing a federal subpoena relating to a court case we are not a party of
  • several FOIA lawsuit wins (and settlements), including Carlinville, Wesley Township, Wheeling, Atlanta Library District, and others
  • filed FOIA lawsuits demanding access to public records, including, Edgar County Sheriff and ETSB, Will County Sheriff, Kankakee, Hancock County Sheriff, Naperville Township, Bloomington, Alorton, Effingham County, and Algonquin Township
  • live streaming of meetings – we anticipate more of this in the future
  • speaking at the Illinois Municipal League Conference
  • several radio show appearances
  • several local television news appearances

2020 promises to be another exciting year, and our intention is to make better use of regular video podcasts, and a more streamlined and aggressive method of rooting out corruption and other problems in local governments.

We will also start writing about those local governments who are doing the right thing to include those who realized their mistakes and took immediate corrective action.

We appreciate all donations, which can also include monthly recurring donations.

Click the link below to donate online or mail your donation to:

7060 Illinois Highway 1
Paris, Illinois 61944
image name

ECWd is a 501(c)(4) charitable organization and contributions are not tax deductible.



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