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July 13, 2024

DuPage Township – Trustee Maripat Oliver -hypocrisy at the highest level

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On December 22, 2019

Will Co.. (ECWd) –

DuPage Township Trustee Oliver has made it crystal clear that she believed a person requesting private information to be used to set up the Township Quickbooks accounting has committed a crime of identity theft.  She attempted to perpetuate that fantasy during last Thursday’s Township meeting by handing out these two documents, even though the police had already closed the case and said there was no crime.

Concerns in the police report (see page 165), included the obtaining of private information that was taken offsite and in possession of someone not bonded.  Let that sink in. Those were factors used to justify a year-long witch hunt by Oliver and former Supervisor Mayer.

During Thursday’s township meeting, the Senior Liaison for the Township Levy Center addressed Trustee Benford’s concerns as to who placed her name on the liquor license application for the Township Levy Center.  That application had dates of birth and social security numbers on them, which happens to be the same private information Oliver was so concerned about.  Turns out, according to the Senior Liaison, she has the social security numbers and dates of birth of all the board members in her office in the Levy Center, which would be considered offsite.  It should be noted, this employee is not bonded.

So in the middle of a Township meeting, an employee who is not bonded, admits to possessing private information and confirms it is in her office, which is offsite and Oliver says nothing?  Why is it a crime on one hand involving a trustee but not when the same thing happens with an employee?

Can Oliver spell hypocrite?

One can only wonder why Oliver is not running to the Police to file another complaint alleging a crime has been committed.  Using Oliver’s logic, this person has taken private information off-site, she is not bonded (as if that matters), and is setting up a scam to commit fraud through identity theft.

So there is no confusion, we are of the opinion neither situation constitutes a crime. In the first instance, the information was being used to set up Quickbooks accounting and was needed for a specific public purpose and provided for that very purpose.  There was never a shred of evidence pointing to a person committing identity theft or an attempt to commit identity theft.

In the most recent instance, according to the employee, the information was provided by the trustees and was used for a public purpose, obtaining the liquor license for the Levy Center.

It appears Trustee Oliver is consumed with attacking Trustee Benford and putting on a performance during the meetings.  It is clear she does not know what her job as a trustee is and she should resign, but not before providing a public apology for the unfounded allegations against another trustee.



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  • c.a. schenk
    Posted at 07:20h, 23 December Reply

    I think trustee abuse and bullying happens all the time and we don’t have enough provisions or legislation to do anything about it and we should. It harms the public and promotes unprofessional behavior.

    • SMH
      Posted at 23:28h, 28 December Reply

      Can’t agree more. People should rally around the one person brave enough to stand up and speak out. Is that the potty trustee that runs to bathroom to avoid the public comment portion of the meeting?

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