McHenry County Deputy recorded intimidating grieving Mother for question posted to Facebook

McHenry County, IL. (ECWd) –

We were sent this file which appears to be a McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy intimidating a grieving mother for a Facebook post and text message she sent regarding the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

The Mother was still grieving the loss of her child, who had been taken by DCFS and is now deceased.

The Mother simply posted on Facebook asking if people could use the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves from DCFS knocking on their door without warrant and without due process of law.

According to the Deputy, asking a question about the right to bear arms is a threat to law enforcement.

He then threatens to notify DCFS of her Facebook post and states he now fully grasps why DCFS took her child away (nice thing to say to a Mother whose child died due to the actions of DCFS).

Read a little of the background of this situation as posted by the Mother (here)

Listen to the audio here, it is around 7:22 in length – it was uploaded by “Northwest Liberty News”:


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  1. My heart goes out to another family like ours, one that has lost a family member. Those that haven’t had this experience, cannot imagine.
    Add to this: a clearly sanctimonious Sheriff….someone openly admitting he doesn’t know or have any facts.
    Why couldn’t he have done some homework before becoming involved? Why is he against free speech? Why is he trying to make something out of nothing? Did he really believe, he could just pick up the phone and whip her into shape?
    He’s a horrible example of law enforcement: a buffoon with a badge and a gun. What an absolutely stupid, arrogant, belligerent self centered way of interjecting a officer’s personal opinion in to a very sensitive matter without knowledge or facts.

    Just mentioning the acronym DCFS (clearly a threat) runs chills down my spine; from similar horrible experiences of close friends. DCFS policy then, was to disarm all citizens…including foster parents as well as adoptive parents.
    More often that not, it seems, DCFS does more harm to families that good. If due process has been with held in this case, then this sheriff and the DCFS case worker need held accountable for all of their actions and their consequences.

  2. It would be very informative to know exactly what prompted that call.

    Barring that department actively monitoring facebook, then one would conclude that someone who was monitoring HER social media with intent to interfere in the ongoing family law case lodged a complaint with the intention of making her appear unfit and unstable.
    In my opinion that would be stalking and malicious interference.

  3. Oh, my G! How dare anyone ask what you mean by what you say! It’s none of this ahole’s business. This is outrageous right from that. The thought police are out there in force. How stupid are these people to think this is something they can just do? Who died and made them the King of the world?

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