Wesley Township – John Norton sworn testimony problems Part III

Will Co. (ECWd)

As mentioned in this article, a well-established pattern of behavior for John Norton, former Wesley Township Highway Commissioner, is his inability to be truthful while on the witness stand in court proceedings.

During one of the hearings which resulted in a Stalking / No Contact Order, Norton was questioned about parking in the handicapped parking at the township.

Question: “And were you parked in front of that handicapped parking sign, yes or no?”

Answer: “NO”

Question:  “Never parked in front of that handicap parking spot?”

Answer: “No, I haven’t”

Question: “Did the police come out that evening to talk to you?”

Answer: “Yes, they did”

Question: “And after they came out and talked to you, did you move your vehicle?

Answer: “Yes”

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The police officer instructed Norton to move his vehicle because it was parked in the handicapped parking spot, you know, the one he claimed under oath he did not park in.  He attempted to say he was parked to the side of it but the fact remains, he was parked where he was not supposed to be parked and the officer told him to move it or get ticketed.

As we continue to review the transcript we will publish any other testimonial problems we identify.

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