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February 21, 2024

Wesley Township – John Norton sworn testimony problems part II

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On October 26, 2019

Will. Co. (ECWd) –

One of the well-established patterns of behavior for John Norton, former Wesley Township Highway Commissioner, is his inability to be truthful while on the witness stand in court proceedings.

During one of the hearings which resulted in a Stalking / No Contact Order, Norton was questioned about the distance from a local Dollar General to the petitioner’s place of employment.  To hear the testimony was comical at best.  Norton snapped to attention in his seat and bellowed out his witty response as if to show everyone how smart he was.

Question: “And that Dollar General store is within a thousand feet of the place of employment of Ms. Forsythe; isn’t that correct?”

Answer: “No, it is not.”

Question: “Have you measured it?”

Answer: “Actually, yes, I have.”

Question: “How did you measure it?”

Answer: “Because utility poles are spaced 250 feet apart, and it’s a distance of more than four utility poles which are all along on the west side of Route 102. You can actually visualize that from where the courtyard is between the buildings of where her alleged office is and the Dollar General it is over a thousand feet.”

Liar liar pants on fire! 

For starters, note that Norton said he has measured it, “Actually, yes, I have”.  When asked “how” he measured, his response does not explain how he measured it.  Yes, he claimed utility poles are 250 feet apart according to him but that does not explain how he measured the distance from Dollar General to the place of employment of the petitioner.

Turns out, once again, Norton was neither honest about his answer nor accurate in his claim regarding the distance of utility poles along highway 102.

  • According to Google Mapes, the measured distance from the farthest corner of Dollar General to the address of the petitioner is 892 feet.

  • As if the direct distance measurement is not enough to prove Norton was not honest on the stand, the pole measurements clearly prove that the poles are NOT 250 feet apart as he claimed.  This fact has been confirmed by two local citizens who measured them so if you don’t trust Google maps you can default to actual tape measured results. 
  • Google maps show the first pole at Dollar General to the second pole on highway 102 as being 165 feet. A taped measurement resulted in 162 feet.  Either way, not 250 feet.

  • Google Maps has the distance for the second pole to the third pole at 159 feet while physical measurement was 164 feet.  Again, nowhere near the claimed 250 feet by Norton in sworn testimony.  

  • Google Maps had the distance from Dollar General, pole to pole, then to the office location of the petitioner to be 945 feet.  

Actual tape measure on the ground from the poles referenced by Norton to the office of the petitioner resulted in a measurement of 940 feet which is not a direct line but simply following the poles then measuring over to the office location of the petitioner.  Clearly even going the long way, the distance is under the 1000 feet, contrary to Norton’s testimony.

So whether measured as the crow flies or along the road, measurements prove Norton’s testimony to be false once again.

Stay tuned for Part III where more lies from the stand will be exposed.

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