A beheaded duck and fake blood among allegations of Stalking against Judicial Candidate –

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Yesterday we published an article on an Emergency Stalking / No Contact Order against a declared candidate for McHenry County Judge in the 2020 election (read it here).

Today we have the actual petition(s), and here are the allegations which led to the entry of an Order:

  • On Oct 3, 2019, Mary [McClellan] contacted my employer making false accusations against me, which resulted in a two-day suspension
  • On Oct 5, 2019, while babysitter her granddaughter, Petitioner heard something hit the front door – it turned out to be fake blood
  • On Oct 15, 2019, Petitioner found a beheaded duck on the front porch
  • Mary and her husband, Ed Gill, are well-known bird hunters

You can download the documents here and here, or view below.

SHAMHART-VrfdPttnStlkingNoCntctOrder, 10-25-19
SHAMHART-StlkngNoCntctOrder, 10-25-19


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