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Cumberland Co. Deputy placed on administrative leave pending investigation: “I start killing people tonight”-


Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Carr has been placed on Administrative Leave (with pay) pending the outcome of an investigation into messages he allegedly sent earlier this year.

Those messages are quite disturbing to say the least, and include comments such as:

Remember, this person has a gun and a badge.

If these are his messages, he doesn’t ever need to carry a gun and should be prohibited from wearing a badge again.


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    • Way to keep it classy. Typical lame duck, half witted, Scumberland County response. How many times have you taken a ride to jail? Many I suspect. I wonder…did they pick on you in prison?
      Jroc, there are good people then there are schmuks like you. The “ugly” element of society does nothing but sit back, suck off the mammary gland of an otherwise productive society and throw stones at those that are better than they are.

  1. Steve is a good man. He has made more sacrifices for his community and his country than a great deal of the population. There are sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. Several commenters are in the wolf category, and love the thought of trying to get on up on a sheep dog. Lets see what the investigation uncovers? There is always two sides to a story. Perhaps the individual(s) that submitted these did so under false pretenses and did not do so in good faith?

  2. WOW – I hope they have invoked the use of 725 ILCS 165/ et al “IL Firearm Seizure Act” as well as suspended his FOID. Comments like those – if he made them – reflect the mind, and apparent intent, of a dangerous and unbalanced individual who is homicidal. Hope all involved stay ok – and if he actually authored those texts – gets the help he needs. Prayers for all.

    • LAPD retired? Right…. who moves to this dumpy corner of Hellinois from LA? Here’s the thing stud. LA is all about screwing over people ( even worse than this sorry excuse for a state). Round here there is a little thing called due process. You should give it a try. You might like it. If not take your know it all ass back to LA

      • “Bob”, you should respond with reason, instead of the pointless and emotional tantrum you posted. Uncle Joe and I couldn’t decide if you were complaining about LA, “Hellinois”, or ? If you knew anything about due process, or the law in general, you’d know what Uncle Joe was talking about. All you had to do was take the time to look up the statute he cited and READ it. Additionally, if you had paid attention to the end, instead of blowing an already leaky gasket, you would have realized: (1) Although Uncle Joe’s opinion is that the individual’s comments warrant a suspension (NOTE: “suspension” = TEMPORARY) of his FOID, U. Joe qualified his statement by adding, “…if he made them”; (2) The use of the IL Firearm Seizure Act is TEMPORARY pending a court hearing during which the subject of the statutorily authorized action (the gun owner) has the right to testify and present evidence to refute that testimony / evidence which is presented by the State, and the subject is entitled to another follow-up hearing in 12 months; (3) My UncIe Joe added another/final qualification and benefit of the doubt for this individual by saying, “…and if he actually authored those texts.” So, put your beer down, go !@#^$%#! educate yourself, and take the time to actually process what you’re reading, er – uh – looking at.

  3. Arthur, no, not every cop is a criminal. There are some very good ones who care about their job and the people they serve. C. Robinson, yes, if that’s true, this dude (Carr) is not one of the aforesaid good cops, and needs to be at the other end of the gun and badge. But there are union rules, as sheriffs have sometimes found out the hard way. Go through the legal process, and if the story holds true, throw the book at this guy.

  4. Every cop is a criminal, but Steve has a badge to kill and assault people in there front yard like he done me after he drug me out of my house where I was asleep to charge me with d.u.i.

    • Were you really asleep, or did you merely run inside and hide in bed to give the impression that you were home the whole time? Dont drink and drive Arthur.

  5. This dick gave my friend a bull crap DUI. He’s been a dbag forever. Justice for Johnner. Steve Carr has already killed enough people

    • Dean. If your friend had a DUI coming he did. Don’t do the crime if you cant do the time. Everyone hates cops until they need one.

  6. Gee. Do we rely wonder why there is a mass shooting every other week in this country? This has gone on how long? And this person has been out on patrol arresting people with a badge and a gun? You wonder why the second amendment is being questioned and yet at the same time we allow nut jobs (alleged) to buy and carry around guns. Then wait until they pull the trigger a few times or a few hundred to do anything about it. Good job Cumberland County for placing his person on leave until further instigation can be done. But it would be nice if maybe the legal system had a way to protect society a bit quicker when it comes to clear red flags.

    • GW, I hope they conduct an adequate investigation. Anyone can make a phone contact with anyone’s name on it. Who is to say this is really who it is professed to be? You never now they other party in this may have made the whole thing up in an attempt to frame him?

  7. I know who wrote these text messages steve carr because he wrote them to my daughter this is the first time i have seen them and it makes the hair stand up on my neck and scared for my grandkids .

    • However u do have to remember this is the same cop that pulled woman over and sexually harassed them and the county let him go this is more of a felony charges and she should not receive anytype of pay and he should of seek jail time and never be allowed to carry anytype of
      Weapon nor should he be a cop ever again cause he has got by with a lot of stuff for a long time and nobody has ever done anything to him ever

      • C. I don’t even know where to begin to respond to you comment. If this were true would there not have been a complaint made? Yet I bet if one were to poke around there is no record of any? Gossip is a two way street C. This sort of gossip is best left at the Legion

    • Ive read the posted messages several times. I don’t see your grandkids mentioned anywhere? Is your comment factual, or just an attempt to further inflame the situation?

    • Tom, You and yours need help, or jail, I don’t know which. Did you and your wife ever pay back all the money you guys stole with your various “benefits”? Who is the dirt bag now Tom

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