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April 16, 2024

Wesley Township – Did former Highway Commissioner John Norton perjure himself in a recent court hearing?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 19, 2019

Will Co. (ECWd) –

Wesley Township is a small community south of Willmington, Illinois.  Within that community is a former appointed Township Road District official by the name of John Norton who has been the subject of numerous articles found at this link.   Locals know him from his continual sick and vile comments towards the women at public meetings where he hopes he can trigger an altercation and then he calls the police and plays the victim. The police are well aware of Mr. Norton and his behavior as is the Will County State’s Attorney’s office but to date, he continues to get away with his verbal assault on people’s wives and daughters.

During a recent court hearing, Norton took the stand and was “affirmed” to testify with a different oath as Norton had to have a non-God oath.

While anyone reading any transcript where John Norton is talking they will quickly see what kind of person Mr. Norton is.  The recent hearing in Will County has proven once again, Norton just can’t keep his stories straight.

Norton has a Facebook Page that he claims is his intellectual property right.  A sight in which he posts the vilest and sickest comments you can image, the vast majority being about local Wesley Township women.   This particular site he administers is a part of the puzzle in a lawsuit against Norton for allegedly defaming a local woman.

In November of last year, Norton testified that he was the Administrator of the Facebook page in question. (Transcript from that hearing)

Q. Are you an administrator under Guardians of Wesley Township Facebook page?

A. One of many.

So he clearly has confirmed he is an administrator of the web page in question.

However, his answer was not the same in the recent hearing as it relates to his being an administrator of the site.  As an administrator he has a lot of explaining to do in the other lawsuit, thus his distancing himself from that title.  (Transcript from recent hearing )

 “That’s not exactly what I said.”

“I clearly stated I have administrative  – – access.”

“I clearly stated I have administrator access due to the fact that the name of that is my intellectual property.”

“I stated to this honorable Court on that day I have administrative access to that site.”

Anyone reading the transcript can clearly see his answer to the same question changed from being one of the Administrators, to now claiming he only has Administrative access, which most of us all know still means he can control the content on the page.

When asked who the other Administrators were of his site, he refused to answer.

” I refuse to answer that on the grounds due to the threats been made to myself and others even associated with that.”

His response is rather ironic considering the very site where he is an administrator is filled with threats and vile sexual comments to local women, most being Mothers, Grandmothers, and wives.  Frankly, it’s not surprising he has recieved threats considering most men with any proper upbringing will fight to defend the honor of their Mother and/or wife when a person says the things Norton has said about them.

The judge called for a short break so that Norton could get some advice from his attorney.  That advice was something along the lines of his attorney pointing his finger towards Norton’s chest and telling him to answer the “F” ing question, according to a witness of the event in the hallway outside the courtroom.

Upon returning to the stand, answer he did!

  • Sandy Vasko
  • Christian Duncan
  • two different Sean Millers
  • Zoey Wilkes ” are the ones who have, currently, have administrative access to it.

Citizens of Wesley Township should take note of those names and hold them accountable for the crap that is being published on a site they allegedly manage.

We have only been able to confirm the first name, Sandy Vasko as a real person.  It is believed all the others are fabricated alter egos of John Norton.  During a prior hearing, Norton said there were nine other administrators.  With that number dropping, maybe those other people realized it would be best to distance themselves from Norton.

Considering Norton is being sued in another case, his testimony in this one is going to be problematic as it was made very clear in the first hearing, John Norton was the Administrator of the site in question but now he claims he never said that.

Thank God for transcripts!

We predict Mr. Norton will ultimately lose the lawsuit against him as the judge made it real clear, he is walking a very fine line.

THE COURT: Mr. Norton —
MR. NORTON: Yes, your Honor.
THE COURT: You don’t have to say anything. You just have to listen. Okay. You’re walking a very fine line, okay, and quite honestly I’m making my ruling despite your testimony and not because of it, okay, because you hurt your credibility in court today. What this Court does not appreciate is splitting hairs and semantics and whatnot. When you affirm to speak the truth, that’s what this Court expects. What we don’t expect is spending 10 minutes on a simple question of hey, who administers this website? It’s a simple question. And I will note this, Mr. Norton.  Did you post these? No, I didn’t. That’s — that was the answer right away, very straightforward. However, whatever counsel — whenever counsel asked you a question or opposing counsel asked you a  question, that’s when we decided to split hairs and whatnot. You didn’t have any, any problems comprehending Mr. Brown’s questions. Okay. Mr. Hanlon questioned — Mr. Hanlon asked you some questions, then we start getting — then we start playing cute, okay, and I imagine it’s similar behavior that’s getting you into all of this hot water here. Okay.

The transcripts can be downloaded from links here and here, or viewed below.

McCubbin vs Norton Transcripts07182019





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