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Carlinville City Council unanimously approved $90,000 FOIA Settlement –

Carlinville, IL. (ECWd) –

During the July 15, 2019, City Council Meeting, the Carlinville City Council voted to approve and enter into a global settlement with ECWd, Kraft, Bogue, and Thomas, on their lawsuits brought under the Freedom of Information Act.

Josh Burday @ Loevy & Loevy provided this statement: “Instead of producing records to the public as FOIA requires, Carlinville decided to spend years fighting for secrecy in the courts.  Carlinville ultimately produced the records and FOIA requires public bodies to pay plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees when they prevail in litigation.”

The exact dollar amount of the settlement is $90,000.00.

The vote was unanimous – even though Mayor Demuzio claims 6-0 with one abstention. However, under the Prosser Rule, abstentions go with the majority in this circumstance, making it a unanimous 7-0 vote.

Watch the video of this portion of the City Council meeting (used with permission from the cameraman):


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  1. Maybe governments will start to learn or citizens will become involved, as their taxes will need to be raised correspondingly to pay settlements!

    Citizens & Churches need to stop promoting that rapture is coming, you cannot be Raptured from Responsibility! The time is now to be involved!

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