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April 15, 2024

72 caught by Edgar County Deputies in underage drinking party, others go unpunished –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 25, 2019


The Edgar County Sheriff’s Department has stated that 72 people were taken from an underage drinking party to the Edgar County Jail.

This statement was released online this morning:

5/24/19 at approx 2345. Edgar County Sheriff Dept. received a report of cars blocking the roadway south of Vermilion.

Upon arrival Deputies found a large underage drinking party.

Approx. 72 people were transported to the jail by bus.

The ECSSA Ambulance was called for three people with alcohol-related emergencies.

RIDES Mass Transit assisted with a bus and the Vermilion Fire Dept assisted with medical care.

Paris Police Dept. assisted at the jail with processing and breath tests.

More details will be released in a press release on Monday.

We take underage drinking seriously and it will not be tolerated.”

This is the part that we are glad they included: “We take underage drinking seriously and it will not be tolerated.”

Now we have a challenge for them to enforce their statement against others.

Several days ago, we were notified a part-time deputy with the Edgar County Sheriff’s Office, who incidentally is also the “Chief” of Police in Hume, Illinois, as well as the Chairman of the County 911 Board, was permitting underage possession of alcohol by a minor, who just happens to be related to him and was most recently elected as Village Trustee in Hume.

We understand the part-time deputy resigned from the Sheriff’s Department for reasons not related to this situation, but because the position of deputy sheriff and ETSB board member are incompatible with each other in Edgar County.

Another family member is the Village Mayor and also part-time Edgar County Deputy.

Below is a photograph provided with the tip (click here), which appears to indicate that the underage person was holding a can of Bud Light, and others, including his father, were also holding cans of Bud Light (anyone familiar with drinking would most likely come to the conclusion that the little red “shot glasses” didn’t contain a non-alcoholic drink).

This photo was taken when they were on the sidewalk and street outside the village community building.

The photo briefly appeared on a relative’s Facebook page.

We urge the Edgar County Sheriff to investigate this tip and determine which laws, if any, were violated.

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  • Jim Beam
    Posted at 14:47h, 25 May

    I NEVER understood why anyone thought / thinks it’s “cool” to be photographed holding an alcoholic beverage, or making some type of reference to how “plastered, drunk, buzzed” etc., they were at any point in time. Face it folks, not much good comes from the consumption of alcohol. Lots of DUIs, crashes, injuries / deaths, fights, disagreements, domestics, various type of abuse, neglect, other criminal activity, and general chaos is most often the result of alcohol consumption. Yes, when I was a high school senior, I too participated in such activities. But by the Grace of God, I fairly soon grew out of it and it never cost me anything. I was fortunate and blessed not to end up like some of my classmates, other friends, acquaintances, and others I’ve known or heard/read about over the years.

    • Sandra Gray
      Posted at 15:18h, 25 May

      Some people grow up and decide drinking is not a good habit, others can’t or won’t quit drinking no matter what it does to their bodies and personal relations.

  • Sandra Gray
    Posted at 15:14h, 25 May

    High school graduation parties have been taking place forever. This is nothing new, but when the kids back in the 60’s etc. were having a party it was with close friends. Drugs were also not an issue back then.
    Parents that provide alcoholic drinks to the underage minors should be held responsible no matter who they are, name, financial status, etc. These factors should NOT be used to get these families off the hook. Contributing is against the law. Of course these kids are resourceful and will have older friends, siblings, buy their booze for them.
    In short, if they want to party drink and do drugs they will, otherwise the parents are going to have to monitor them 24/7. How many can do that or will do that?
    Law enforcement officials are supposeed to set a good example to the citizens who they are suppose to serve and protect. Those who allow their minors to drink, or who overindulge themselves in public should be held accountable. Their behavior promotes a monkey see, monkey do syndrome among our children.

  • Sick of These Pricks
    Posted at 20:31h, 25 May

    72 underage arrests mean 72 kids from Indiana were arrested. Ain’t no way 72 E.C. farmer’s kids were arrested. I hope I’m wrong.