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June 15, 2024

IL. House passed Bill permitting appointment of Deputy Township Supervisor –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 5, 2019


HB 3141, sponsored by Representatives Brad Halbrook and Darren Bailey received a unanimous vote in the Illinois House last week. Sen. Chapin Rose has sponsored it in the Senate.

This Bill is designed to eliminate the uncertainty immediately following a vacancy in the Township Supervisor position.

As the Township Code currently reads, the Supervisor is the only person authorized to sign checks, which means if the office becomes vacant, bills and payroll do not get paid until a new supervisor is appointed. It can take several months, at times, to appoint a new Township Supervisor to a vacancy.

Halbrook’s Bill will permit a Township Trustee to be appointed as Deputy Supervisor until the vacant Supervisor office is filled by permanent appointment. This Deputy Supervisor must be a current Township Trustee, and vacates the office immediately upon the official appointment of a person to fill the vacant office of Supervisor.

“…a trustee shall be appointed as deputy supervisor to perform the ministerial functions of that office until the vacancy is filled under subsections (a) or (b). Once the vacancy is filled under subsections (a) or (b), the deputy supervisor’s appointment is terminated."

There were two recent incidences of Supervisor vacancies, one in Shelby Township and one in DuPage Township. In each of these, the Township Supervisor resigned causing employees to not be paid on time, and invoices and contracts not paid on time, leading to undue hardship among the township employees. This also prevented general and emergency assistance payments from being processed as there was no person authorized to sign checks.

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