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May 21, 2024

Bloomington, Illinois Fireman arrested for Domestic Battery outside Kappa Men’s Club

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 1, 2019

McLean Co. (ECWd) –

Bloomington Fireman David Hall was arrested on January 11, 2019, for Domestic Violence after allegedly punching his wife in the face outside the KAPPA Men’s Club in Kappa, Illinois – Woodford County.

According to the verified statement of Woodford County Sheriff’s Deputy Campbell, Hall was observed angrily yelling at his wife and punched her in the face when she was trying to break up a fight between Hall and another male named “Tony” – who we believe to also be a Bloomington Fireman.

According to the report, Hall appeared to be highly intoxicated, and in the presence of the Deputy yelled at his wife stating “I’m gonna punch you again.”

The police report also states surveillance video showed Hall punching “Tony” several times, Jennifer attempting to break the fight up, and Hall intentionally delivering one hard strike to Jennifer’s face and another strike or two to her abdomen area. Hall then returned to punching “Tony.”

Hall has been charged with One Count of Domestic Battery/Physical Contact and One Count of Battery/Makes Physical Contact. Both are Class A Misdemeanors.

David Hall’s rank in the Bloomington Fire Department is “Engineer” with an EMT level of Intermediate.

You can download the Sheriff report at this link or view below.

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