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May 29, 2024

Algonquin Township Road District -Time Card Tuesday #11

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 16, 2019

If you are new to our Time Card Tuesday series we urge you to catch up by first reading part 1234, 56, 7, 8, 9 and 10.   As pointed out in our last article, it is abundantly clear, whoever was managing payroll has some explaining to do.

Our goal was to close out this series of Anna May Miller’s time cards with the remaining 2015 time cards, however the volume of errors contributed to our inability to complete the entire year for this week’s edition. That being the case, the first payroll period of the year and the applicable time cards is where we begin this week’s Time Card Tuesday.

As a special note of interest with this series, we have received multiple communications from people in other units of government and even the private sector that are now taking steps to identify and prevent bad math time card pay that they have identified after this series began.

The payroll record for this week’s coverage is for the first pay cycle in 2015 being January 1- January 14th, 2015. In a consistent pattern to previous time cards reviewed, we find math to be an issue on the first pay cycle of 2015 as well.

Bad math on the time cards reflect 80 minutes of extra overtime and 4 hours and 15 minutes of extra regular time. As if the time card math is not confusing enough, the actual payroll record reflects Miller was paid for 66 hours of regular time, even though the time cards only reflect 60.5 hours documented. Considering the documentation is padded with an extra 80 minutes, it would appear the pay of 66 hours provided 6 hours and 50  minutes of extra pay for regular time, which appears to total an extra $204.90.

The overtime documented on the time cards total 6 hours while the payroll record points to 6.50 hours of overtime.  With bad math overtime of 80 minutes on the time cards, it appears extra overtime paid included an extra 1 hour and 50 minutes not found on time cards. At $45 an hour for overtime, that equates to $82.50 in extra overtime.

Of additional interest is the inconsistencies for vacation time taken and paid.  The time cards for this period reflect 12.5 hours of vacation taken yet the payroll record only reflects 6 hours of vacation pay, which raise the question, was the remaining 6.5 hours combined in the regular pay total?  If so, that could reflect pay for vacation while such vacation may not be deducted from the available vacation time.

Either way, the inconsistencies in time cards and actual payroll records is troubling and yet another example of how local government is operating with taxpayers funds.

Combining the extra regular time and overtime, it appears $287.40 in extra income was provided in the first payroll cycle of 2015.  That would bring the running total of bad math pay to $20,510.41.

You can download the time cards at this link or view below as well as the payroll record at this link or view below.

Stay tuned for next week’s Time Card Tuesday.

Anna May Pay records part 11

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