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July 13, 2024

Maine Township provides long overdue tax relief

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 12, 2019

Cook Co. (ECWd) –

Maine Township has given tax relief to its taxpayers to the tune of $1.2 Million dollars.

“Illinois law caps Township reserve funds at 2.5 times their annual expenditures.  Maine Township’s total reserves is well over $11,000,000. One of the funds, the GA Fund, has about $2.7 million in surplus with expenditures around $830,000.  Given this disparity, Trustees Sweeney, Dave Carrabotta, and Claire McKenzie voted for a 100% reduction in the 2019 GA fund tax levy and a 10% reduction in the Town Fund levy.  This will save taxpayers over $1,200,000.”

The fund cap bill limit is 2.5 times the average annual expenditures over the last three years.   Our exposure of massive tax abuse, stockpiling of taxes beyond belief, and wrongdoing by the past Board of Trustees in Shelbyville Township was the catalyst for the new law which was introduced by State Representative Brad Halbrook. That exposure led to a complete turnover in the Township elected officials, a law passed to limit the accumulation of funds in Townships, and a rebate of $734,000.00 to the taxpayers of Shelbyville Township.

Looking at just two Townships’ actions to provide tax relief to their constituents has resulted in just shy of $2 Million dollars staying in the hands of the taxpayer rather than the bank accounts of the government.  This single piece of legislation may become one of the most effective forms of reigning in taxpayer abuse taking place statewide with many Townships.

Maine Township’s actions provide additional proof that good policy is not about politics. Two Republicans and one Democrat put taxpayer interest first to make this happen.  Sadly, Supervisor Morask and Trustee Jones opposed the interest of the taxpayers with their no vote.

A copy of a Press Release was provided to us and can be downloaded at this link or viewed below.

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  • NiteCat
    Posted at 00:18h, 13 March Reply

    Now, if we could get the rest of our townships, school districts & municipalities to do the same. My high school district is so over-funded they just went on a 5 year upgrade/remodelling spree in our 5 schools without any spending referendums at all. Refi the construction bonds due to expire within 24 months and the reserve fund keeps the money rolling in. Nice way to get around the taxpayers. Not saying it’s illegal, but when you cut out taxpayer input who are you serving? And our taxes just keep growing.

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