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April 12, 2024

Iroquois West CUSD 10 – Ten days of expenses in Lake of the Ozarks

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 30, 2019

According to verbal confirmation from the Board of Education President during the last meeting, the board approved a “team building” retreat to Lake of The Ozarks and Dr. Dvorak was kind enough to let them use her property for the event.  When I asked my questions about this trip to the lake, I referenced August of 2018.

When I asked for key records from the School in relation to the trip, the expense report reflects this claimed Administration retreat cost $604.81 while the supporting receipts provided reflect $683.84.

You can see the interaction in the video regarding this matter below, and of interest is not only confirmation it was Dr. Dvorak’s property being used, but the claim it was approved before the trip.


If this “retreat” was at the property of the Superintendent, as claimed by the Board President, then can they explain why there is an invoice for the use of property in Lake of The Ozarks billable to Becky Brook of O’falon, MO? Of interest is the date on this invoice of July 9th, 2018.  A review of the Board Agendas from April, May, and June of 2018 make no reference of any item for action by the board for approval of rental property for a retreat to Lake of the Ozarks, let alone any other type of retreat approvals to that location.

Which is true?  They used the property of Dr. Dvorak or they rented property for this event?  Did they approve it in advance or after the fact?

If it was approved before they went on this trip as claimed, why is no such item showing up on the agendas?  A follow-up FOIA will be issued to get to the bottom of what appears to be false statements about the actual property used during this trip and when it was approved.

While this School District is asking for voter approval of what we are calling the $58 Million Dollar Deception, the School Board is OK with these Administrators going to the Lake of The Ozarks and spending your tax dollars to build teamwork and collaborate on curriculum as claimed by the BOE President.

Was this claimed retreat actually a taxpayer-funded vacation?  I ask because credit card records reflect taxpayer funds spent at Big Thunder Marine and $209.64 dollars for gas between August 3rd, and August 12th in Lake of the Ozarks Mo.  What kind of retreat would cost the taxpayers $209.64 in gas at the Lake of the Ozarks?  Most would agree, that is a lot of driving.  Our question is, was that driving on the lake?  Maybe the curriculum collaboration pertained to water sports education?

Strangely the year for the 10 day period purchases are not reflected on that statement but regardless, credit card statements reflect purchases in Lake of the Ozarks spanning 10 days and the very records provided is proof that this Lake of The Ozark adventure appears to be a regular event as the credit cards also reflect similar charges in 2017.

It gets better!

Included in records we requested was a mileage expense reimbursement document for Dr. Dvorak where she was actually paid mileage (200 miles) to go to Springfield for a …….RALLY!   Considering the fastest route from Gilman to Springfield is 132 miles, why is the entry for 200 miles and not 264, miles, the round trip total?  A more interesting question is why on earth are taxpayer funds being used for a Superintended to go to a Rally?

While this administration and School Superintendent are pushing for you to vote for a $25 Million dollar referendum, think about this administration spending your tax dollars in the Lake of the Ozarks for a claimed 10 day “retreat” that appears to have taken place in 2017 and 2018.

Vote Smart, not emotionally!

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