DuPage Twp: Maripat Oliver yelled “F**k you, as a matter of fact, f**k you two times” during meeting –


During the Executive Session of the DuPage Township Board of Trustees meeting, held February 15, 2019, “heated” discussions were held between Trustees – this was the closed session in which they discussed appointing Felix George as Supervisor.

According to emails received via an FOIA request, the discussion delved into Trustee Maripat Oliver yelling at Trustee Benford: “F*ck You. As a matter of fact, f*ck you twice” and then said, “f*ck you two times” as she flipped Trustee Benford “the bird” with both hands.

I guess once wasn’t enough for Maripat Oliver, it had to be twice – Oliver also happens to be on, at least according to the last available meeting minutes, the Department of Children and Family Services’ Illinois Adoption Advisory Council.

Maripat Oliver is currently a candidate for the election to Trustee of the Village of Bolingbrook.

Read the email (here) or below:

FOIA-PAGE 5 of Audit emails and Attorney Invoices

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  1. So are you going to give a report of an apology. Township Website says you filed a review with AG and they denied the claim and the case is closed. Therefore there is no proof that what Ms. Benford said is true. Wouldn’t be the first time either, she tends to lie a lot. You just sadly haven’t figured that out yet.

  2. Being obscene on two separate occasions – and yelling or stating, “…fuck you twice” – would certainly seem to me to indicate that they have a classless, low life, SKANK as a trustee ! (In my opinion).