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April 16, 2024

Algonquin Township Road District – Time Card Tuesday #5

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On March 5, 2019

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Part 5 of our Time Card Tuesday series will share key discrepancies found on time cards that resulted in pay to Anna May Miller, spouse of former Highway Commissioner Bob Miller, that appears to be inappropriate due to either being padded or bad math.

If you are new to our Time Card Tuesday series we urge you to catch up by first reading part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

This coverage is for the payroll cycle dated 12/05/2013 through 12/18/2013.

Kicking off this pay cycle is the 12/05/2013 entry that reflects 10.25 hours worked but the math is once again wrong.  Using the 5:45 pm “real” stop time she records it as 8 regular and 1 overtime with an additional .75 hrs overtime? This entry should have reflected 8 hrs regular and 2.25 in overtime, not 1.75.  The normal extra half hour was missed and she shorted herself $21.49 for that day.

December 6th, 9 hours worked but magically the overtime is not for just 1 hour but rather 1.5 plus .25.  That entry equates to .75 hrs of overtime that does not show ever being worked on the time card, resulting in an extra $32.24 for that day.

December 9th, 8.5 hrs worked based on time card start and stop times yet an extra .5 hrs of overtime appears, which is a distinct pattern with Anna May Miller’s time cards.  This results in an extra $21.49 for that day.

December 10th, 9 hours worked and as can be predicted, 1.5 hrs of overtime rather than just a single hour.  Again, netting an extra $21.49 for that day.

December 11th she worked from 7:00 am to 7:50 am and records it as an hour rather than .83 hrs. Then comes back to work at 1 pm and works until 7 pm, which is 6 hours but she records it as 6.5.  Total hours worked based on start and stop is 6.83 hrs however she credits it as an 8 hour day.  That entry results in an extra 1.17 hrs of regular pay.  Calculated at the $28.65 hourly rate she was getting paid at the time, an extra $33.52 for the day.

To our surprise, December 12th reflects .5 hrs less in overtime than there should be, resulting in $21.49 short for the day.

It appears she made up for the bad math on the 12th with worse math on the 13th.  She worked 8.75 hrs based on start and stop times yet recorded 1.75 hours of overtime rather than .75 hrs.  This extra hour of overtime netted $42.98 for the day.

December 16th is interesting as she documents clocking out at 8:17 pm.   Total time worked based on start and stop time is 11.78 hours.  However once again, the overtime is padded and reported as 4.5 hrs instead of the 3.78 it should be. That results in .72 hours of extra overtime, or $30.95 extra pay for the day.

December 17th leaves no surprises. Start and stop entries point to 8 hours worked yet once again, an extra .5 hrs of overtime is recorded.  That netted her another $21.49 extra for the day.

December 18th is rather interesting considering she only worked 5.25 hours.  She records her day as 8 hours, of which 3 came from Comp time. So if there were 3 hours comp time and start and stop time adds up to 5.25, that means she has a total of 8.25 hours or .25 hours of overtime.   Once again, overtime is padded an extra .5 hours resulting in an extra $21.49 in pay for the day.

Adding up all the overtime documented on the time cards for this pay period, using her math, reflects 14.25 hours.  Actual payroll record appears to be padded as well because it shows 15.75 hrs of overtime for this pay cycle, which is yet another 1.5 hrs of overtime, or $64.47 in extra pay.

Adding up the overtime not worked and worked and not paid, according to proper time card math, and the extra 1.5 hrs added on the payroll record, she netted an extra $247.14 in overtime.

This brings the running total of bad math pay to $2,422.04 which only spans 8 pay cycles.

You can download the time cards at this link or view below.  The payroll record can be downloaded at this link.

Stay tuned for Part 6, it’s a shocker!

Anna May Time Card Tuesday article part 5

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