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July 24, 2024

Algonquin Township attacks media a second time; Subpoenas for our Dropbox account again –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 1, 2019

Algonquin Township (ECWd) –

Most normal people would think the right thing to do would be for Algonquin Township to simply provide the records we requested under the Freedom of Information Act instead of continuing their waste of time and court resources fighting what they will eventually have to provide.

You may recall a couple of weeks ago when the first subpoena for our Dropbox account was quashed in McHenry County Court (here).

Algonquin Township and its Board of Trustees decided to try a second time to subpoena and gain access to our Dropbox folder, to anyone who has used it, and to all the documents kept in it.

There is a hearing on Tuesday, March 5th, where, once again, our Motion to Quash will be heard.

Illinois law protects media and reporters from things like this, but the Township Board has decided to keep piling on and incurring more legal bills – not just their own legal bills, but the township will also pay our legal bills when they lose this FOIA lawsuit.

We will update this with another article after the Hearing.

19.02.22.Subpoena for Production of Business Records.Dropbox

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  • Cindy
    Posted at 23:15h, 01 March Reply

    I hardly think Algonquin Township is responsible for any of this circus. The wicked that “think” they are in charge of the township are the ones that will go to extreme ends to keep this circus under wraps. Too bad there are no heroes in this story. Only the complicit criminals pulling all kinds of strings while justice for a myriad of crimes is non existent.

  • Jerky
    Posted at 00:11h, 03 March Reply

    They want in your dropbox again?

    I’d be getting tired of that kind of hassle already!

    Seems like youse guys need some insurance!

    If it was me and some jamoke was wanting in my dropbox I’d be sure to make it well worth their time!

    Just get yourself a bag and offer to walk the neighbor’s dog. Be sure to have the doodoo bag handy so as to do your civic duty when the dog does his duty there on the parking! None of that leaving it to freeze until spring! Get yourself at least 2 lbs and closer to 5 lbs will be better. Seal it up good and deposit it in your dropbox! Just let that get cooking and when those guys ever get into your dropbox then that stuff will be RIPE like Casaba melons in April!

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