DuPage Twp appoints new Supervisor, ends local gov’t shutdown –


Felix George’ Oath of Office

After a nearly 3-hour closed session, the DuPage Township Board of Trustees entertained a vote to appoint Felix George as Township Supervisor.

The vote was a 2-2 tie, with the Township Clerk breaking the tie and voting in favor of George’s appointment.

Video of the vote is below, along with the video of George’s Oath of Office and his comments.

This effectively ends the “shutdown” of DuPage Township government.

In the aftermath of former Supervisor Mayer’s resignation, the Township could not pay any bills – this includes payroll. Township employees were not paid this week because in an Illinois Township form of government, the only person authorized to sign checks is the Supervisor. Until a new Supervisor was appointed, nothing could be paid.

Illinois State Representative Brad Halbrook (R), Shelbyville, has filed HB3141 to provide a fix for this problem, which would permit the appointment of a temporary Supervisor to fill in the gap until the vacant Supervisor position is filled by appointment. Halbrook filed an almost identical Bill two years ago, but it never made it to the House Floor.

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