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June 19, 2024

Atlanta, IL. – Mr. Larry’s Neighborhood Part 1 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 26, 2019

Atlanta, IL. (ECWd) –

This election cycle, citizens and candidates for the offices of Atlanta Library District Trustee and City of Atlanta Alderman filed objections to the petitions of other candidates for the same offices.

The Logan County and Atlanta Electoral Boards upheld the petition objections – effectively removing those candidates from the Ballot, and all of the “removed” candidates filed new papers as write-in candidates.

The objections were filed for the stated purpose of seeing that the election laws of the State of Illinois are complied with, and that only qualified candidates have their names printed on the ballot.

Both Electoral Boards determined that the objected-to candidates (Randy Brooks, Karen Horn, Margie Dyer, Jim Welchel, Bob Letterley, Cathy Dyer, Linda Evans, Chris Thomas, and Dale Colaw) were unqualified candidates according to state law, and because of being unqualified, they were prohibited from having their names printed on the official ballots.

Mr. Larry Collins, a local resident with a colorful history, has taken exception to the lawful process which determined whose names do and do not appear on the ballot.

Collins has gone so far as to make several “videos” to rant, complain, attack, and casting dispersion on the character of the only qualified candidates whose names will be printed on the ballot.

Collins talks a big talk about right, wrong, just, moral, and summarily dismisses any notion that the previous Library board did anything wrong. He even doubts that certain federal agencies are investigating the past actions of the library board – even though a copy of the Federal Grand Jury Subpoena is found on the local Facebook page.

He refuses to acknowledge that Bill Thomas, former library board member, perjured himself under oath when he testified he did not sign any checks written out to himself or his company (we have copies of the checks he signed). Instead, Collins tells everyone that any notion anything was ever wrong with the library board is preposterous.

He is wrong.

Below is a video made with excerpts from Larry Collins’ comments – there are more videos on the way…

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